KGB Mozyr handles youth

Kasia trained on 3rd year Mozyrskogo Pedagogical Institute. January 16 she was arrested during a meeting of regional activists near Minsk. Then Catherine came to the attention of employees of the KGB.
Kasia Manchuk told "Radio Liberty" that at first she was summoned to the dean of the Faculty of Technology Vladimir Konoplich. Whereupon conversation led to the provost.
Kasia attends a Protestant church of Jesus Christ. She recalled that on February 29 there came the ideological department of the executive committee members. They motivate why young people are Friday evening at the church. This episode also featured in the discussions with the administration of the institution.
Says Catherine Manchuk:
"What are you doing there, which there came to you that — nothing to do in the evening? Why do not you meet with her friends from the group? Was competition" Mr. Institute ", and you were not there. Why not participate institute life?" In the end, led to the provost. And he has painted such a beautiful life, read: "Come on, that you do not engage in this activity, will work at the Department of Technology. " May speech at Belarusian language they also did not like. Read: "Let us give you money for what you have to do — when you find the time to engage in this activity."
Kasia Manchuk — Laureate of international competitions drawings. She leads a children’s art studio, fond of dancing. Of her many achievements of local newspapers wrote. Kasya very astonished that the KGB not only came to the administration of the Institute, where she trained at the 3rd year, and came to the school to its former instructor for stunning.
"Call me in the evening, my former teacher and says that the director called her and asked, as there our Catherine, where she came why it interested with that strange organization. Such impression that not Kagebeshnikamwhat to do. Curious as to why they are before my kindergarten not reached. Maybe I was an activist in the garden some. "
Kasia Manchuk standing in line for an apartment that will soon get. As saida woman on her studies recommended to think that it is more important — their own apartment or opposition activities.
Dean of Faculty of Technology Pedagogical Institute Vladimir Kanoplich said "Freedom":
"I’m such a patriot, a very great patriot our country. We are very gently and tenderly spoke with a student. I do not see any guilt, and I hate when I do the strangler of freedom. Woman she is fascinating. It is perfectly trained. Nothing wrong I can not say about it. "
Kasia Manchuk states that under no circumstances will not change its own public position and will continue to engage in social and political activities.
Meanwhile Mozyr parishioners of the church of Jesus Christ began to call on the conversation in the administration of the companies where they work. Observers believe that the local security forces received a special order because soon Mozyr began intensively act youth activists. KGB officers visited schools where trained activists, now on stage — universities.

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