Killed famous science fiction Arthur C. Clarke

On its own in December last devyanostagoddi Clark summed made following words:
"I have from time to time ask what I originally wanted to be remembered. I had a different career — I was a writer, underwater explorer, space protector and popularizer of science. From all this, I wanted to be remembered first writer who entertained readers. And hopefully, expanded their representation, too. "
Clark, who was born in Britain in 1917, became interested in science fiction in early childhood, but until the 1950s, was not engaged in literature. Wrote a lot, but had acquired worldwide fame in 1968, when the eminent filmmaker Stanley Kubrick filmed his novel "2001: Adyseya of cosmic."
Arthur C. Clarke is very true to the smallest detail describes the future of cosmic flights, satellites superkamputary. Did it so true people believed in the probable validity of his fantasies. Later many of his prophecies really committed. Back in 1945, he, Lieutenant British Air Force, wrote a note in which predicted the introduction of satellites as a means of communication. Then in 1940, he predicted that people will reach the moon by 2000. And he was glad when people visited the Moon even earlier — in 1969.
At one point, Clark said, that does not regret that never flew in space. But when I became enjoying popular idea of cloning, he said, he wants ensure its bessmyarotnasts sending into space capsule with natural hair. He imagined that some earthly creatures went out and brought the capsule and DNA in the hair will make it a clone.

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