Klimov: I never asked for and do not ask for pardon

Now 6-morning train Kalinkavičy Minsk Minsk came home last political prisoner Andrei Klimov. At the station, he was greeted by my mother, wife, opposition activists, journalists and friends. The first interview he gave to Radio Liberty.
August 1 last year sovereign Klimov was sentenced Tribunal Central district of Minsk. He was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment for an article on the web and kept in Mozyr colony serious mode.

Andrei Klimov, released February 15, respectively, with a presidential decree to pardon 11 February. Last political prisoner released from the upcoming punishment. Sovereign Klimov said that for him it is a mystery. Maybe here "some negotiations with the West":
"Personally, I am not acquainted decree. Course, I never asked for and do not ask for pardon because they do not feel guilty and do not admit their guilt. Especially since such ways of dealing with political opponents. "

The next step should be the implementation of the EU criteria, which would have allowed us to join the EU.

Klimov Emperor expressed his hope that the process will continue to release political prisoners and freedom will be soon on Alexander Kozulin and Alexander Sdvizhkou.
"The next step after the release of political prisoners must not simply that the criterion of the EU, which would have allowed to continue to exist today regime. The next step should be the implementation of the EU criteria, which would have allowed us to join the EU. "
How you feel Andrei Klimov, as his health?
"At the moment it is one of the tasks. And heart is ill, something long and cold persists, angina tortured. Because one of the first tasks — the restoration of health. I think the first powered, quiet, comfortable home should do their own thing" .

One of the first tasks — the restoration of health.

Remembering zone, Andrei Klimov says that she is very languid in moral terms. Indeed, in Mozyr colony are sitting in the main for the killings, particularly serious crime, while not once tried.
"People are degraded, limited spityya. Accordingly, the ratio of administration: in bolshennom nervous stress is constantly, and I was, allegedly, in the war. It was hard at first to realize where I am? And join to any, nor to the other camp I can not since I’m not one and even more so I’m not from the administration. I — political. "
According to Klimov, the detachment was 200 people.
"There is a general tendency that the bullpen and crowded areas. Beyond all norms. And planted indiscriminately. People drove completely unclear what. Well, I tried to keep fit, because when it is not to do exercises, not to engage in physical activity, we can generally die. "
What was the hard day, gone through during their imprisonment?
"This is a day when I was transferred from the bullpen to the Gomel Mozyr. When I arrived, and we were immediately positioned in the indoor quarantine. It was the most grievous and terrible. I was in such severe conditions, immediately reminded of films about the war. Closed and quarantined all smoke , the air is not enough. I thought that I would die. But nothing has survived. "
Vinavachanne which he was charged, A.Klimau calls nonsense.

Since 1996, I put almost all their lives to the country’s constitution remained.

"Incriminate me that I call the method to change the constitutional power in the country. And bring me in calling for vinavachanni forcibly way after I since 1996 put almost all their life, so that the country’s constitution remained — it’s just turn everything upside down. Use any means to silence political opponents. "
About own plans Andrei Klimov said:
"I still do not feel like a free man. During 1-x, I need tofeel free. Later, I need the normal hug his wife, kids. To communicate with his mother, to meet with friends, go to the native town. Convey heartfelt greetings to everyone I know. And if I feel myself free, you can read about the plans for the future. "
Andrei Klimov says that in prison had the opportunity to write his book — artistic novel, the book is also about where the country after the dissolution of the Supreme Council and the place of Belarus in Europe. From the zone took with him chess. Tags: political prisoners whose release, Klimov, interviews

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