Knigazboravski that priest-patriot

Volume of selected works of Belarusian priest Adam Stankevich came in publishing "knigosbor." Its made as religious lectures and sermons, as well as purely scientific and historical works of the priest-patriot.

Priest Adam Stankevich was born in December 24 Oshmyany region (on the old one style), 1891. Trained by the church in Golshany, Vilna Church seminary Petragradkay Church Academy. But no-Polish spirit of the first 2-schools, nor pro-Russian third Wednesday did not destroy it with educated young Belarusian attitude. Where he later served nor always brought up in their own parishioners Belarusian state patriotism. And this has earned the attention of publishers — says the project manager "Logos" Konstantin Tsvirko:
"We have long planned the publication of Adam Stankevich in the series" Gold Library "our publishers as it is very distinctive and important figure in the history of Belarusian first half of XX century. Adam Stankevich cohort of the most prominent figures of our national revival, a priest who worked on, so Belarusian word sounded in churches in Belarus. "
Specifically, this happened before his main crime Russian authorities that arrested him twice and eventually tortured. The mutilated body of the priest find their own peace in the Irkutsk region in December 1949. Even after the physical execution Bolsheviks took revenge for his sacrificial service of Belarus, avenged innuendo and abuse, ban avenged his scientific, spiritual and literary heritage, revenged himself silencing of Adam Stankevich.
Works of the 1st of the ideologists of the Belarusian Christian Democracy, religious and cultural figure make up a rich treasure. In the same volume fell only from his creative legacy that, in the views of the publishers, more vividly characterizes his diverse decorum. Konstantin Tsvirko continues:
"This included a monograph," Christianity and the Belarusian people. " Very thorough monograph seems such was not yet with us in this regard. A monograph, which at the moment has not lost its own values, — "On the history of the Belarusian political liberation." Immediately very good bed and third monograph — "Mother tongue in the sanctuary."
Not counting said, that included lectures and sermons on Sunday and prazdnichkom and a few articles and reviews. Tom illustrated with rare photos. A put and commented on his famous philosopher Vladimir Conon.

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