Kozulin purposely forced to suffer mental suffering

That permit or prohibit the conclusion of a politician and his relatives have expected the second day, Vitebsk human rights activist sees as "fierce and merciless attitude to Kozulin, who purposely forced to suffer moral damage."
In the letter, Paul refers to Levinov Penal Code, whereby persons serving sentences for the first time and in the criteria for the common mode can be resolved the short-term trips abroad correctional utanovav for up to 7 days, excluding time on the road. Such permission is given for exceptional actual events, including and with the death of close relatives.
Under the legislation should take the decision of the correctional institution, harmonizing it with the prosecution. Meanwhile head of the colony "Vitsba-3" Vital Ahnistsikau argues that does not have such opportunities and therefore expects to resolve the issue with the Department of Execution of Punishment.
Paul Levinov requested that the prison governor immediately decided the ability to travel to Minsk Alexander Kozulin, so in the end to end tests unreasonable expectation for his family and friends.
V.Agnistsikav defender said that the answer to his statement in the term provided by law, and as for Kozulin rest, then prepares failure.

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