Kozulin’s daughter appealed to both metropolitans

They require both metropolitans affect the secular authorities in the release of Alexander Kozulin at the funeral of his wife.
Penal Code
Republic of Belarus
Article 92. Departures sentenced to imprisonment abroad Corrections
Convicted first to imprisonment, contained in penal colonies for individuals, for the first time serving a sentence of imprisonment, prapravchyh and colonies for those who have served a sentence of imprisonment, criteria in general regime penal colony settlement and penal colonies, also convicted, you are left in the prescribed manner pre-trial detention to perform household activities may be allowed the short-term trips abroad correctional and educational institutions for up to 7 days, not counting the time needed to travel there and back, due to exceptional circumstances outlined in the fifth part of Article 59 of the Code of the real, also for preparatory addressing labor and household appliance after release
Second resolution on the short-term given the chief leaving correctional institution in consultation with the prosecutor and subject to temper the severity of the crime, the personality and behavior of the convict.
Article 59. Policies and conditions of punishment in the form of arrest
5th In exceptional circumstances (death or illness of a close relative, languid, threatening his life, natural disaster, which caused great material damage convict or his family) sentenced to confinement decision chief arestnaga home can be solved call for up to 15 minutes with close relatives pay from its own funds convicted.

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