Kozulin, Then let us hide together with his wife

On the morning of February 24th, duty prosecutor Prosecutor General Nikolai Leonov received from Olga Kazulina application for permit to Kazulin be at the funeral of his wife Kazulina Ira, who died on February 23.
"The duty prosecutor promised to publish immediately a statement to the Prosecutor General Grigory Vasilevich," — Olga ckazal Kozulin. Later it became clear that the statement to the Minister of Internal Affairs Vladimir Naumov. Olga Kozulin none of these officials did not call because I was convinced that the question of the release of his father really did not solve them:
"And what’s the point to call them if all the same decides one person? Who is behind this decision looks whole world. For Alexander Lukashenko came a time when he must prove that not just read about the care of our mother. Let release tattoo without any criterion. "

Let release tattoo without any criterion

At that time, according to Olga Kazulina decision to release Alexander Kozulin Tipo adopted and passport in the respective institutions.
Attendant colony in Vitebsk this time refuses to talk about the Alexander Kozulin. From other sources it became clear that the policy said about the death of the wife just now in the morning and 7 hours. Telegram relatives showed political prisoner personally colony chief Vitaly Ahnistsikau. By him, Alexander Kozulin very upset by this message.
Noon it became clear that Alexander Kozulin declared a hunger strike in prison. He called her daughter and said: "If I did not until Tuesday unleash, I will translate into a dry hunger strike — stop and drink water. Will hunger strike to death." "Let us be buried together with his wife," — so, Olga Kazulina, said her father.
Colony chief Vitaly Ahnistsikau confirmed the telephone conversation with Alexander Kozulin daughters, but assured reporters that hear about the hunger strike. The question of release of Alexander Kozulin policeman forwarded to the Department of Execution of Punishment.
Previous lawyer Igor Rynkevich reads from that moment he realized that power again lie and wasting time:

We note that again there are violations of human Kozulin and pressure and discredit his family

"Replaced in order to solve the problem for a few hours, officials move it each other. Responsibility for this lies with the Belarusian authorities. We note that again there are violations of human Kozulin and pressure and discredit his family. Because Alexander Kozulin decided to go on hunger strike, and if need be, put it in a hunger strike. "
During the second half of a day or Kazulins daughter Olga and Julia decided to postpone the funeral mom, until the freedom not leave their father. Earlier it was planned that the funeral of Ira Kazulina held on Tuesday, February 26th. Farewell to the deceased was supposed to lead to a reddish church in Minsk.

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