L. Barshcheuski celebrated the 50th anniversary of the unique vocabulary

It is unique in the history of linguistics edition recognizable translator, teacher and politician has presented not only to all interested in translations from Belarus, and for himself on his pyatsidesyatsigodde which he celebrated now.
Hero of the day prepared to present a special test. He read in all languages, nested in the dictionary, the text of the first article of the Declaration Human Rights and asked to name what language it is.
Present learned Latin. Do not make a mistake with the British, German, frantsuckay Spanish. But even with the Czech bavgarskuyu confused, not to mention the Danish, Norwegian or Maltese.
Compiled states that satisfied — the demand for his wordsapb will.
Now submitted version of the dictionary is intended for zabugornyh users, but its days are released second edition, specially adapted for the Belarusians.
Thought creation Belarusian-European dictionary Borshevsky was born in 2004 during a visit to one of the bookstores in Prague.
"Until the pain sad there stood on the shelves even Czech-Swahili dictionary, I’m not even talking about the Czech-Czech-Portuguese or Chinese, and all the others. A Czech-Belarusian dictionary was not there. "
Then Lavon Barshcheuski and devised their own first language 23. In the process, he added another 5 languages. Such a dictionary according to the creator, even in the world was not.
The value of this work Borshevsky overemphasized. Consultant on Latin edition of the Ales Zhlutko:
"For the first time in Europe came dictionary in surrounding as little known languages, and such as German or British — the central language of the European Union."
One of the dictionary publishers writer Vladimir Sivchikov believes that this unique work designed to democratic prospects of Belarus.
"I think that all of you have guessed that in the context we have in mind not only the language, when we speak of a secured European world. Here we have in mind and the European Union, and it is then the union, in which at some point, we are all here believe Belarus will. "
A creator of the dictionary meanwhile continued ekzamenavats present. On This time to the knowledge of the Irish. Tags: Barshcheuski, dictionary, language, 50, 28, year

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