L. Barshcheuski: the likelihood of dialogue with the West will depend on the behavior of the authorities in the day Will

This he now read at a press conference held in the office of the Belarusian Popular Front in Minsk.
Lavon Barshcheuski considers: the basic condition of the Belarusian authorities with the West as before remains the problem of political prisoners. On this he and the other participants of the "Belarusian Week" in the European Parliament, which ended several days back, read as many European politicians. Chapter BPF agrees with this, but adds:
"We wish that the focus was prepared specifically on this date — March 25. And this will depend on almost everything including and the possibility of an upcoming dialogue with the world and Europe. "
On present day banned by the executive committee of the capital to conduct a mass rally not — reported to the organizing committee member Victor Ivashkevich celebration. He added that permit it either.
And what will happen if the government will not be allowed to pass the planned route? — Asked by journalists. Subsequent response was:
"At Anyway we’re going on Yakub Kolas in 18 hours. And in any case we lay flowers at the monuments Colas, Kupala, Mickiewicz and Bogdanovich. How do we get them to walk, will depend on the goodwill or neutrality, or from obstacles authorities. But in any case the flowers to these monuments we laid. "
Reporters asked politicians who have returned from Strasbourg: they invited to come to Minsk to celebrate the days of Freedom MEPs?
Lavon Barshcheuski confirmed that such steps are made:
"In 1-x, Ivonka Survila appealed to governments of the U.S., a huge European states with a request that they tracked down the situation on March 25.
In-2, a number of representatives of the European Parliament and national parliaments are trying at the moment to obtain Belarusian visa. How did they get at the moment to predict hard, because this policy is changed from Every funny day. Someone gave visas yesterday, and now can not give. On the contrary. Because I can not yet give information about who will be able to come. "

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