L.Katkovski: Scientific cooperation with Belarus practically curtailed

Vladimir Katkovsky — one of the founders of the Belarusian Wikipedia, created websites and www.pravapis.org www.martyralog.org. In honor of son Ira and Leonid Katkovskaya organized a special bonus to celebrate the best web projects. Now Dr. physically and Mathematical Sciences Leonid Katkovsky Alexander knows about using the Web Ulitenko in scientific and technical sphere.
Katkovsky: Unique materials, the latest scientific developments were not found. And it has a bad effect on the level of development in Belarus. At the moment the level of Belarusian scientific papers and theses little more than advice.
Ulitenok: Tell us, please, what the cost of the order of one scientific article via the Web?

: 30 bucks here and there. If the USSR, we get many libraries and zabugornom scientific journal, at the moment there is practically no such ability.
Ulitenok: In the scientific language that the Web — British, Russian?
Katkovsky: Yes, yes.
Ulitenok: Curiously, although once you’ve met someone in the field of technical sciences, wrote in Belarusian? For example, you do expose your content to what language?
Katkovsky: Only in Russia or the UK. I love the example of Ukraine. If they do something inside your own country, then surely all written only in Ukrainian.
Ulitenok: Do you mean the techies?

: Certainly, read about the humanities in general not necessary. By the way, we in the 1990s there were several dictionaries Belarusian scientific and technical terminology, but the process is further braked.
UlitenokWhen you talk about the lack of scientific of technical information on the Web, where it seems to you out? How to bypass the shortcomings of the current scientific network?
Katkovsky: Need funds, so we can at least subscribe to the fact that it is still exhibited.

: And do not even have one way to build partnerships with distant relatives and research centers?
Katkovsky: Cooperation with us virtually collapsed, including for political reasons. But those scientists who retained their international connections, just one of them and live in the moment. Not only in the sense that the joint project is financial support. And in terms of information. After all, they can share their materials with foreign scientists. More freely and — directly. And here is the web — the best assistant. Tags: public, editor, web, sphere, Katkovskaya, science and technology, in

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