L.Petsina: Hard to talk about the style of N. Pyatkevich

Hanna Sous"Whom do you consider the most successful ladies in Belarus?"
Lyudmila Petina"What is success? What can be measured? Necessary that we are equally looking at the concept of success ladies.

In Belarus, a lot of successful ladies

In Belarus, a lot of successful women. When we held the Forum of Women Entrepreneurs and spent the first contest in Belarus "Successful business woman Belarus," it was very difficult to draw general ladies really successful with the ladies, to the role in this competition. Any of them said: "Well, what this success, if every day I fight for the survival of their own business. "And it’s really true. We do not price of success. Even successful people do not feel this luck.
But I would call very many names of Belarusian ladies and successful in business and in culture. We have a successful and famous writer, before Svetlana Aleksievich — the lady behind which our moral capital of Belarus. But to be successful in our country — it really everyday, I would have said, a feat. "
Sous: "If you look at the moment Belarusian television, it does not seem the most successful lady in Belarus looks Deputy Manager Administration Natalia Petkevich as once Tamara Vinnikova and Galina Zhuravkova. Either her style as a policy different from men?"


It is very difficult to say who this person as Natalia Pyatkevich

etsina: "You know, this is not a policy of open style. Appointee This is the man who was appointed to this position. It is very difficult to say who this Natalia Pyatkevich as a person as a person, even a hard read about her style. From time to time you see it on TV, create memories that she is a lady educated, intelligent, but she is independent in politics? She has very highest political office. But I think the importance of each position is determined by the impact on the development strategy. We do not know what its impact , in which he expressed, as we have a relationship with opaque policy … "
Sous"Lyudmila, at our web site is worth a poll on" Who is stronger in Belarus: ladies or men? "Readers of the website answered this question: 56% of respondents believe that Belarus ladies stronger guys, 17% believe that the stronger man, and for 26% of respondents there is no difference. On your eyes, who is stronger in Belarus? "

"I think that Belarus — a country ladies. Ladies we educated, hardworking, more spices — all this confirms our Belarusian statistics. Ladies in Belarus more responsible — responsible for the fate of their own kids, their families. They have long been expecting nothing from country to country, from the guys themselves and take destiny into their own hands. ‘Cause I believe that ladies — certainly more powerful half of the population of our country. "

Sous: "Ludmila, you were at the origin of the Belarusian ladies’ movement in the late 1980s — early 1990s. In This year Belarusian women regardless democratic movement for 15 years. Changed over the years whether societal attitudes towards gender? "

I think that Belarus — a country ladies

Petina"I think there is a configuration and the configuration of the positive. During 1-x, changed conditions. Ladies presently openly go into business, go into areas where you can bring yourself to become economically-independent. Ladies do not avoid politics, and despite the fact that politics in Belarus — a very difficult sphere — there are very many women who work intensively in political parties, in public organizations. If we had democratic conditions, we would have more give the highest percentage in government.
I think changed the stereotypes about the role of ladies in society. So that changes in society have. But, that was not only shifts, and there were real trend towards gender equality in our country, some public organizations little effort, even more so at the moment they are almost all driven underground and do not have the ability to conduct a dialogue with society. "
Lyudmila Petina was born in Minsk. She graduated from the Faculty of Geography of BSU. Was managing section guides "Menskturystu" director travel "Kamkon tour." In 1990 he made his own travel agency "Universe Tour" and organized a school for training of Belarusian guides. Was a member of the BPF. From 1994 to 1999 — Deputy Chairman of the Christian Democratic Party of Belarus. Now a member of the Political Council of the United Civil Party, chairman of the party’s policy and human gendernay ladies. Managing many women’s projects and educational programs for women entrepreneurs. Vela "school of political leadership." Trained in the United States, led the research "The women’s movement as part of civilian society." Participated in almost all international meetings Ladies (in 1994 in Taiwan, in 2006 — in Cairo). Participate in the IV-World Conference on women.

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