Large family Chernishova lives in one room

Here so closely that, indeed, nowhere to put the leg. I asked the owners as they are here?
Asleep ancestors, and from this side of the girls and the boy next door …

"Here, interrupt …"Svetlana
"How do I explain to you may need to show …"

Speaking joins mother Svetlana, who also lives together with them in the 2nd small room, no more for 7 m. m
"It is expanded, the chair shall be made, and this is also extendible. Here, for example, dormant ancestors, and from this side of the girls and the boy next door." Reporter:
"Sergei, how you adrablyaesh lessons for you sisters do not interfere?" Sergey:
"Sisters do not interfere, since they themselves need to learn. Another thing is that the house is small, and when I read, it must somehow udumatstsa although in what I read, but from all sides heard something. Short, nowhere prepare for classes, so it was quiet, quiet to work it out. "

According to Roman, he had previously worked on the farm and stood on the stage, but when his turn came, the apartment was given to others, and he was asked to sign a paper that has no claims, and, he says, promised soon to allocate housing. And some time later he was dismissed and expelled from the queue.

Same knows me and Svetlana. Besides, she adds that as the spouse does not have a job for more than eight months, and grants for kids they do not get.

"The village did not find a home for a large family"
In the local village council are aware of the dilemma Chernishova even offered them to move into a house collapsed. That’s what I said secretary of the village council, Lena Romanchuk. Romanchuk:
"In the village council NO housing. People who work on the farm, there get home, and those who stand in the queue, we can get soft loans is to purchase or build a home."


"We want to take out a loan to buy an apartment, but we were uttered in the area for the purchase of credit is not given. And in-2, in the village did not find a home for a large family."

In the village council housing NO …
Roman says that can not build for the reason that wages Svetlana 250 thousand, and he — even less.Novel
"How to build? Even parents neither 1st nor the other does not …"
Member of the local Council, a member of the Party of Communists of Belarus Alexander Pudovkin says that as he remembers the family lives in such criteria. And it was he, as the deputy chairman of the executive committee appealed to assist with the requirement to solve the housing difficulties Chernishova. Pudovkin:
"At the moment I wrote an appeal to the Chairman of the Executive Committee, if nothing has changed, I will write in the executive committee, as the name of the control."
However, the family set Chernishova very pessimistic. Svetlana Chernyshev read me for always in their house did not come any bureaucrat — none of the village council, or from the area — and asked how they live here. Svetlana:

"I do not what hope has lost all hope." Tags:, Chernyshev, many children, family

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