Levaradykaly all states will arrive in Minsk

Tsigankov: "Global Federation of Democratic Youth, was founded by in 1945, and the case is considered paslyadovnitsay Communist Youth International. How do you feel about the fact that the Global Festival will be held in Minsk under the patronage of the Youth Union, and not, for example, the Komsomol, who do you represent?"
Yanenka: "This day is the official successor BRYU LKSMB Russian times and so it turns out that only he can lead the different organizing committees and is preparing the festival"
Tsigankov: "Democratic Youth Federation holds its own festival in the country, which can not be called democratic. Does this it deliberate choice and all the festivals held in recent years, countries such as Belarus?"
Yanenka: "Since the mid-90s LKSMB is a full member of this organization. But after a 94-year, and especially after the 96th, when Lukashenko held their own referendum, our business with them worsened …"
Tsigankov: "… Why? Since they supported Lukashenko, and you oppose his policies?"
Yanenka: "Yes. Indeed at the Federation many different organizations — from levaradykalav to revolutionaries. Their gaze now Lukashenko — is the main communist post-Soviet space, the main fighter against imperialism."

In their eyes, Lukashenko — is the main communist post-Soviet space, the main fighter against imperialism.

Tsigankov: "For what the Belarusian authorities need this festival? How it can be applied by municipalities? Who will take the brunt of the financial burden?"
Yanenka: "The main purpose of the festival particularly in Belarus — Alexander Lukashenko’s political PR. Naturally, all the money will be allocated from the budget. We exclusively in Minsk more than 40 percent of students do not take place in the dorms — can be sent here these funds?
If this party took over the role full range of Belarusian youth — maybe it would be and excellent. But when participants will only organizations that support the power that will be read with each scene — "look, as we all well" — what the my eyes, funds will be thrown to nowhere. "

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