Levin: Between the people and the Belarusian Themis — the gulf

Levinov: "… Before, however, in my area had a large-scale inspection — want to dig up" indicative "compromising. Individually against me was initiated an internal investigation …"
Reporter: "Everything went according to the script formally correct, or — so that other freedom to teach your colleagues?"
Levinov: "Um, I was accused of inconsistency in the service the post (after the fact that 15 years of service). As that regard? Close in the HR office, try to select the identity of a police officer. Given that identity is dealt only with the dismissal. Though I continued to perform the duties of the district and seized the gun. Well, if you notice any abnormality happened? How to save the life and health? They did not disturb it. "
August 12, 2008 Andrew Lyavinau still fired from the police. From that time he devoted himself absolutely election campaign: collecting signatures for registration, wrote a complaint to the Central Election Committee. Lidia Yermoshina said in response: your letter forwarded to check the Interior Ministry and the Prosecutor General. According to a complaint with bureaucratic habit of last resort forwarded to the prosecutor of the Vitebsk region. That utility?
Reporter: "… Have you had the time to experience the struggle for their rights?"
Levinov: "And for myself was not just once, but more — for disgruntled ordinary people whose interests are defended career. This helped me a lot sibling — a human rights activist Paul Levine. We are with him — in a bundle. Though it does not mean that the native allows blood to agree with almost all of the steps or ideas. contrast. No, we often argue. Looking for truth in a reasonable, Prof. compromise. "
By the way, live Radio Liberty in those days Andrew was asked whether he had to act against his conscience during the service? Subsequent response:
Levinov: "… I — no, but many — yes.’s Concise example: somewhere in 1996 wasdetention of Valery Shchukin, a famous journalist. His legs and thrashed, and sticks. I later talked to these people, "What are you doing? This is not a young man, you can not! "Some of those that did, had already grown to the post of deputy police chief. Them I explained that you have to answer for it at some point. Naturally, it’s not like that. After 1996, I put away from the actions of the opposition, people who disagree with the government, so I could not intervene and prevent those actions officers who, in my opinion, illegal. "
Reporter: "If you have chosen a deputy that would change in the work of law enforcement?"
Levinov: "At first it will be necessary to change the law on internal affairs agencies, the police in the eyes of the people was not punitive body, and first body that protects the rights of people. We are the police is perceived only as a punitive body."
Incidentally, with the latest Andrew Levinov encountered during the elections: NIGHT MODE unknown attacked him from ambush, and doctors noted bruising, traumatic brain injury — such makarom he believes drove him political scores.

Andrew Levinov
"The law should work. Decent or bad, but to work. And we have all the laws on paper is great, protect ordinary people, but in fact they only protect officials. Ordinary people as was defenseless, so much remains. And you can increment the number of police 5 times more, but the usefulness of it will not. Indeed the police should act on the basis of laws and legislation so that we have, nothing can be done. "
Another public editor Andrew Levinov week ordered journalists to prepare the transfer of Liberty on "citizen soldier and Belarusian Themis — why not consent?"
Namely, he was asked to do four stories — about the relationship of people with the police tribunal, public prosecutors and lawyers.
If radio listeners, guests website Liberty has good examples, reasoning — you can send them by mail, call the answering machine. Each of you ex-captain Andrew Levinov will answer, and we use your thoughts and suggestions in the transfer ordered by him.

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