Liberty Poll: What is the BPR?

Reporter: "What do you BNR?"
Woman: "History, first. "
Reporter: "And any BNR understand?"
Woman: "Lastouski brothers Lutskevich."
Lady: "I do not know and never heard of."
Man: "It’s almost the first Belarusian government with clearly defined objectives."
Young Man: "I went specifically modern independence of BPR in 1918."
Reporter: "And no figures Belarusian People’s Republic do you understand? "
Young Man: "Oh … Lastouski, Ignatovskiy, Zakharkov."
Reporter: "Do you know what BPR?"
Man: "Belarusian People’s Republic of. "
Reporter: "And maybe what historical figures, remember?"
Man: "I do not hammer head."
Reporter: "A history learned in school?"
Man: "Basically never taught."
Man: "She was only 9 months, this BPR. Later it was closed. "
Young Man: "I know, but I do not remember anything."
Reporter: "And what time was it?"
Young Man: "I do not remember."
Man: "In 1919."
Young Man: "BNR Yes, we know. This Belarusian Republican Youth Alliance (laughter).
Man: "BPR — it Belarusian Ludetion Republic. March 25 will be a day of independence. "
Reporter: "And you can understand the figures?"
Man: "I only know Tarashkevich. He invented grammar Belarusian real."
Woman: "BNR? Heard. Belarusian People’s Republic."
Reporter: "And if it was?"
Woman: "I do not know much history."
Young Man: "BPR — it sure any party that opposes the president, right? Belarusian folkWhat’s that can be more? R. .. Republic? "
Man: "BNR — this is exactly the opposition to the president, it’s 100%!"
Young Man: "A. .. Belarusian Ludetion Republic! It’s during the Revolution, she appeared was almost half a year. She was strangled. Yes, I remember! "
Reporter: "And maybe figures remember?"
Young Man: "Doers do not know."
Reporter: "Do you know what BPR?"
Young Man: "No".
Woman: "Belarusian Popular Front."
Correspondent "P-rr"
Woman: "P No, I do not know."
Reporter: "And did not study history?"
Woman: "A. .. studied, studied. But I do not remember. It was a long time. Belarusian State Republic unless …"
Reporter: "And if it was?"
Woman: "First of the twentieth century."
Young Man: "No, never heard of. We badly taught at school. Teacher was too evil."

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