Lublin: the decision to deport the Belarusian baby suspended

That decision adopted in response to the requirements of the official Minsk. Against deportation were many Polish doctors, lawyers, representatives of public organizations. They stated that the direction of the Grodno orphanage orphans cystic fibrosis-ailing baby it can serve as a prerequisite for emergency destruction. On the days are in the baby, new incident.
Polish media called this a long time boy Yasem. Of days it became clear on his real name — Pavel Ivanov. Mom Paul — Belarusian citizen — gave birth to a baby in the past year, in April, at a hospital in Lublin. At the same time, and was diagnosed with a genetic disease of the newborn languid — cystic fibrosis. As a result of this disease develops irreversible pathology of internal organs. Many unhealthy die in childhood.
Upon hearing the diagnosis, the mother-Belarusian refused their rights to offspring. As for the father, until the next time some information out of him.
First, the child was under the supervision of doctors clinics Lublin. Later, it was oriented in Gdansk, where one young lady wished orphan care. Adoptive mother soon realized that fails to engage seriously unwell child. The boy came under the care of the local medical institutions. Soon the desire to educate Yasha said other Polish citizens. The Belarusian side was informed about the situation and claimed his own kid citizen of Belarus.
In accordance with international agreements in 1994, a decision was made by the district of Lublin Tribunal.
On the days of a sudden happened. Actual mother-Yasha Paul said that the pope is Polish boy. This man came to the court and confirmed that agree to DNA analysis. In the presence of positive results, the child acquires Polish citizenship machine and remains in Poland.
Obviously, giving Jasia Polish citizenship without identifying its legal status, write Polish journalists. Well, if unhealthy child will want to adopt some kind of a Polish family. In another kid again to the children’s hospital in Gdansk.
Meanwhile indifferent to the fate of the Poles Yasevym pray for positive results of the examination.
"I’ve never been in an orphanage in Belarus, but heard there unhealthy kids get into the only special facility. It looks catastrophic, "- says a representative of the NGO Wolna Bialorus Agnieszka Ostrowska, which from the beginning of destiny Yasya dogs.
"Before This time Poland, in Gdansk boy received very good medical care. You can hope that this will continue ", — the representative of" MATIO "- Relief Fund unhealthy cystic fibrosis children.
According to representatives of the Gdansk clinics, treatment Yasya seen some progress. For the upcoming support for the child need an expensive and high-quality social and medical assistance.
The most expensive to heal disease in the world dubbed cystic fibrosis and special medical doctors places in Minsk, on the basis that the third city child clinic.
According to officials of the Minsk center cystic fibrosis, throughout the life of their clients need very expensive drugs, high-quality care and nutrition of mandatory gymnastics and massage.
In a conversation with the Freedom doctors led subsequent statistics:
"If nedavneshnego time to unhealthy Belarus survived an average of 6 years, in Western countries, first U.S., 60.
Belarus diagnosed only the languid genetic forms of the disease, there is no comparable diagnosis of mild, in the first stage. Belarusian kids die because the disease is noticed too late, when it is going in the lungs thick sliz develop powerful respiratory infection and heart failure, poorly pancreas, liver, stomach and intestinal tract. "

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