Lukashenko: Belarus will become a majestic Hockey Power

Rene Fasel soon many travels around the world. This is directly related to the fact that in two months will be the new head of the election of world hockey. Because he finds in countries belonging to the International Federation, support for the election of a new term.
Alexander Lukashenko, who himself intensively playing hockey, taking Rene Fasel, read about hockey ambitions Belarus:
"Belarus is now makes all, order to truly transform the hockey world power. I think it will be a couple of years and our country declare for themselves as hockey majestic power. It will take its rightful place in the respective tables of ranks. "

"Conditions with one Fasel enough"

Chief editor of "Pressball" Vladimir Berazhkou states the best way to popularize hockey would be held in Belarus World Cup. It depends on the president personally international federation? — Interested in the interlocutor. The question is not accidental: the emperor Berazhkou eight years working in Belarusian Ice Hockey Federation, was in many international congresses federation and knows the situation:
"Competitiveness of the very highest. Voting members of Congress, and not one Fasel. And there are different processes. Because we agree with one Fasel enough. With it must seep into the Congressional committees. This — the most important thing. In short, you need to start there friends. And through their spending their impact. "
"Now, I’m afraid we have no allies"
Belarus has already claimed three times the company championship. However, preference is given twice other countries, and once she Belarus withdrew its application. Why, then, nothing came of it? — I asked Vladimir Berezhkova:
"There’s always going diplomatic game, diplomatic bargaining. And was necessary consolidate with someone, for example, with the Swedes. We together with his supporters would vote for the Swedes. And a year later the Swedes with his camp as they say, Belarus pulled to vote.
But we did not. For example, the preparatory vote was clear that we do not win the Swedes. But we were going to last, as they say, with naked hands climbed on tanks. Own voices no one gave. And now, I’m afraid we have no allies. And only when we change our position, collect their own fans in the midst of the different states and having them join some dominants, in a year we can get this dominant ally themselves. "
A venue for regular world championships have been distributed to 2013 inclusive. So Belarus at best, can only take the championship in 2014.

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