Lukashenko denies Sidorsky

"In accordance with the agreement for 2007 price of gas was at $ 100 per 1,000 cubic meters, with this year added 19%, and we have confidence that by the end of the year the cost will not increase ", — quotes the learned words of the head of government.
He added that "the heads of government Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin agreed on a fixed price Belarus on 2008 — 119 bucks. "
It is worth recalling that this week Alexander Lukashenko said in an interview to "Russia Today" and the news agency RIA "Announcements" that "Gazprom" threatens the course of 2008 to double the gas prices for Belarus.
This statement of Belarus was yesterday znyapravzhanaya representatives of "Gazprom". At the same time, and "Gazprom" and salting Minister Alexander Surikov, they say that the cost for the next quarter will be revised and a little overstated, but not by much.
So makarom, Lukashenko said the price increase twice by "Gazprom" — rise, but substantially less than twice on Sidorsky — will not increase general.

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