Lukashenko formula of Orthodox ateistse offends Orthodoxy

The assumption is, that control over religious affair was more effective

Ulitenok: "Comment, please recent measures by the country, complicating the presence of foreign priests in Belarus?"
Rudkovskii: "Most likely the calculation is done to ensure that control over religious matter was more effective. When church leaders are citizens of Belarus, it is easier to keep the religious sphere under the hood. Well, that’s the main motive. He absolutely fits into the logic of the authoritarian country. "
Ulitenok: "Will there be any of these measures in the Belarusian utility chapels and temples?"
Rudkovskii: "From the deportation of priests — Poland Belarusian people here will not be particularly useful … It is necessary to direct attention to the fact that most of the priests who came from the other side of the Bug, or already possess the language, or intensely studying it. As a significant part of it on very respectable level — certainly much better than many municipal officials.
One of the cultural figures said to me once that the church in general is the last bastion of Belarusian. Here, of course, a certain inflection point, but once — great bit of truth.

Implementation is afaryzme adjective "orthodox" — it insulting and I would said, scandalous

Starting from the fact that services are more in Belarusian. And ending up under the patronage of the church is a series of cultural events. Many painters and writers may implement precisely because of his vocation church space. To a greater degree of Belarusian ".
Ulitenok: "Your attitude to Alexander Lukashenko’s famous aphorism:" I — Orthodox atheist "?
Rudkovskii: "Offensive formula first Orthodoxy: it sounded stereotype still not understood enough, enough still nasty stereotype that Orthodoxy had to be in a relationship with the Orthodox Church. Tipo things they are compatible. Whereas, as it is, by the way, is incompatible. Implementation in afaryzme that the adjective "orthodox" — it insulting and I would said, scandalous. "

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