Lukashenko has dreams of Russian Monomakh’s cap. Only union

Yesterday in an interview with Russia Today television and news agency RIA "News", when asked if he wanted to lead Federal Government, Lukashenko said: "Are you think that only in your control must be ambition to lead this association? I was not a politician, and was not a politician, Putin or Medvedev, or someone else, who would in this respect have not sought to play a role in the leadership of this union. "
According to Lukashenko, some difficulties in relations between Moscow and Minsk explained by the fact that some Russian politicians do not like the rise in popularity President of Belarus in the midst of the Russians. Together with the fact he denied the existence of any of his political ambitions in Russia itself.
"As for born under Boris Yeltsin legend that Lukashenko Kremlin seeks Monomakh’s cap and grab carry Minsk — is absurd, "- said the Belarusian control.

Russians refer to A. Lukashenko?

These polls Russian Fund "Public opinion" about the attitude of Russians to Alexander Lukashenko

Rassredotachivanie answers to the question "What is your general attitude to A. Lukashenko — excellent, bad or indifferent," in percent.


November 2000                     40                             13                                 36

September 2003                   29                              17                                46

February 2004                            23                              30                               39

August 2004                       28                              23                              40

September 2004                     30                             18                               41

October 2004                   22                              19                              46

February 2006                              35                              12                              44

January 2007                       26                              15                              49

December 2007                     31                              10                              48

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