Lukashenko ordered rearrange monument Bogdanovich

Culture Minister Vladimir Matveichuk revealed that the terrain park is scheduled to make a building ensemble with a fountain and sculptures.
As intellectuals refers to the transfer of the monument Bogdanovich?
Monument to Maxim Bogdanovich appeared at the Opera House in 1981, the 90th anniversary of the poet. For the architect Sergei Waqar this work was not random, the first portrait of the poet he did in 1969. Later there were several choices monument in full growth, but in the end braked on a bronze sculpture height of 4.6 meters. In his right hand is holding a bouquet of cornflowers poet.
During reconstruction of the Opera and Ballet Theatre had the idea to decorate the building with statues of the Muses, and the place of the monument erected Bogdanovich fountain with sculptures. There are proposals to move the monument to the platform in front of the Suvorov Military School is — close to the museum of the poet on the street Bogdanovich.
Designer Institute "Minskproyekt" Ira Sinelnik, Managing renovation project, says:
"Until there is a draft resolution on the transfer of the monument early on read anything. There are two views. Whose worldview overcome — I still can not predict. Not a very good site was chosen. The monument is very lyrical, romantic. Constructivism style building — such a grand, bombastic — he does not quite fit as a background. In addition, to the Opera House, he has no case. Well, how dare question — I do not know yet. "
Architect Ales Shaternik, who knew architect Sergey Waqar (now deceased), reads as follows:
"I know that the creators — Architects — against any transfer. Leonard Moskalevich and Yuri Kazakov were co-designer Sergei Waqar. They say they were not brought to an end by the scenery of the small building forms. Moskalevich I spoke with, he showed me a whole pile papers, projects, and states that on the great need to finish the job, as was intended. I believe that the monument itself could be moved closer to the crossroad of Maxim Bogdanovich and Yanka Kupala. "
Ales Shaternik also offers decorate small square building forms connected with the work of the poet.
Architect Gennady Buralkin, which is currently working on four statues of the Muses, which will decorate the theater building, expressed subsequent worldview:
"I think it was assumed to be a monument for the theater. Simply chose a place where more or less calm and quiet. In my opinion, deserves a decent area Bogdanovich. Maybe the time set, and it was fine, did not find another place … I would generally took Kalinin and would Bogdanovich area … "
Another architect, Vladimir Zhbanov, convinced that this is one of the best monuments of Minsk, and he stands on his own site, created specifically for this platform, made in good proportion to the building of the theater:
"Acquired earlier values can not be touched. Now this ensemble prevents Bogdanovich tomorrow — what-nibudt more. During the life of the architect Sergei Waqar this monument was adopted by the" cheers ", became a distinctive feature of the scenery and Minsk. Appeared brand new, modern statue. Configuration I am against at least some of the statue, at least some of the sculptural composition — it can not be touched. "

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