Lukashenko pavuchyv future journalists

Head of the country and showed the audience a new teletsentar BSU. Whereupon Lukashenko read before with 2 hundred square meters of specially selected students and teachers lecture "Belarus in the modern world." Live performances have been broadcast in the audience the 11 faculties of BSU, and the total number of participants exceeded 3 thousand.
By the arrival of Lukashenko prepared from the beginning of the year. From the students’ parents repaired the audience and countryside. Russian unfinished, which is located nearby the colony number 1, could not finish almost 20 years. For this time derelict dilapidated bully, later again slightly updated, because the geometry of the walls, ceiling, railing, as they say zhurfakavtsy far from flawless. Before the visit, the highest guest did repair partly cosmetic.
Allowed only the most reliable
Faculty of Journalism study of more than 1300 students, 900 of them — in full-time. But a meeting with Alexander Lukashenko delegated only 150 people. Admission got kids first teachers and exemplary members BRYU which was entrusted to voice questions prepared in advance. As told students, lists began to take shape for a long time to the action, and the latter "filtering" accomplished the other day, when the latter rejected "incomprehensible." Another fifty delegates highlighted the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences, "padseleny" to journalism in one of the wings of the building.
Like most students, 4th year student of journalism faculty Frank Vyachorka to meet with Lukashenko not allowed. But the visit of the head of the country’s huge Vyachorka result does not expect:
"Lukashenko gave to understand that journalism faculty completely fits into his idealized vision of the Belarusian education — controlled, limited and very special, absolutely built on Lukashenka’s ideology. Lukashenko opens new building at the same time rename the faculty in the Faculty of Journalism and ideology. And the statements which he made the other day, and all the decisions that the Ministry of Education that journalism will take only a recommendation, show: no liberalization, at least in education, recently not expected. "
Reporter: "Journalism and ideology in quotes, figuratively?"
"As we realized from this academic year, the Faculty of Journalism will be converted at the Municipal Institute of Journalism and ideology at BSU. And there will only be taken on the advice."
On the ideological component of the name in the dean’s office did not specify, but confirmed that in This year Faculty will be transformed into the Institute of Journalism. Its structure and make journalism faculty of retraining of journalists. From next year will begin training in the field of web journalism.
This is not the first statement in the assembly halls Lukashenko universities. 5 years ago he played at BSU when they still managed Alexander Kozulin. In 2004, the report held before students Brest Technical Municipal Institute. Subsequent year visited Mogilev Municipal Institute named Kuleshov. There were also lectures at the Belarusian State Academy of Arts and Belorussian Municipal Institute of Informatics and Radio Electronics.
Journalism has become ideology supplies
Writer Svetlana Aleksievich that the last few years living in Sweden, says that was not a "sweetheart graduate" Journalism School. Today’s destination Belarusian journalism systematize it first as "subservient to the regime," and not a profession:
"In any mode, strong power journalism ends, it is not. Litsezreem We just have it as a fact, with all the changes that occur in our country. In other words, is brought under control, the system impact, it is transformed into an ideological tool completely. And One of the most huge problems with all this — how to survive. How to survive a person, a true journalist. Now people who come — before them, in 1-x, rigid filters. In-2, while most studies is a powerful filtering. And later still remain fundamentally, if you come to work. I think that times are getting tougher. It is very difficult because I look at it as one more defeat, our regular time lag. We all continue adsovvaemsya, if truth be told, of civilization. "
Present almost four-lecture began with Lukashenko, Belarus without the help of other friends chooses allies, without asking permission from "American Zion". Belarus does not aspire to NATO and to avoid placing on its territory missiles aimed at the mass Russian, although she "was not ready to build a business alliance with Belarus." Said that the premature release from prison of some opposition, to which "the West is a special feeling," caused by "human aspirations" and that is a step towards the normalization of relations with the EU. Coupled with the fact he called the opposition that exists "on zabugornye funds", "combat units in the conduct of other people’s politics in Belarus." Lukashenko is convinced that the struggle for energy leads to the brand new division of the world, while in the course are any funds directly to the occupation of states (which is why the construction of nuclear power plant in Belarus is not subject to audit). Commented Poland adopted a law on "Polish Card": "The enemies of Belarus has repeatedly solved sample interference in the internal affairs of the country, playing the ethnic card. Did not work!" — Summed Lukashenko. He walked and businessmen who once "raised with speculators to civilized level", and those votes instead started building "greyish scheme." What actually speaking, it was decided to end it.
Responding to questions from the audience, Lukashenko concluded that the public interest in the media should be controlled by the state, as in the hands of the media — "the most destructive weapon of power." He did not agree that the Belarusian press, there is only one point of view — a position of power. "There is a mass media that give a different perspective, including and pouring the president ", — assured Lukashenko.

The other day, President Alexander Lukashenko signed a decree once again regulates admission to higher and secondary special educational institutions. It contains a list of specialties, admission to which applicants will be issued special requirements and will be "" professional psychological interview. "First, it is the humanities, among which — journalism, law, public administration, international affairs, international law. Testing Conditions in each case refers to the Ministry of Education.

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