Lukashenko relies on PR

It is understood that Bell received from the Belarusian ruler offer to work to improve the style of modern Belarus.
Lord Timothy Bell is considered one of the more Prof. PR specialists England. Bell worked for a long time advisor to the British premerki Margaret Thatcher. In the midst of his clients nedavneshnih — Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky, the Government of Saudi Arabia and the last Prime Thaksin Shynavatra.
May be followed by Alexander Lukashenko. Meeting on Thursday with Bell in Minsk, Lukashenko said that no country in the world today can not do without Prof. PR-support.
"You will be happy to work in Belarus … You make Belarus — European government and our people in history made very many for Europe "- said Lukashenko and assured Bella that he is ready to provide any information about Belarus.
Still not clear, agreed to work on an English lord official Minsk. In the office of Bell in Britain have so far refrained from comment.
Timothy Bell, head of the company at the moment "Chime Communications". Its main field of activity — PR services, marketing and advertising. "I do communication, and my business — to provide information in a convincing manner," — says Bell. Tags: Lukashenko, services, public relations, Timothy Bell

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