Lukashenko’s regime is not such concrete, as it seemed to many …

The number of political prisoners in Belarus decreases. A few weeks after the release of youth activist Dmitri Dashkevich bullpen left wall favorite "Young Front" Artur Finkevich. Not so long ago also were released early entrepreneurs Autukhovich and Yury Leonov. Or stable trend it? Either this is not the beginning of liberalization of the political regime in Belarus? Worldview of our listener Ksyushi Borisik Minsk:
"Lukashenko’s regime still not concrete such as many thought — Ksenia writes in his own electric letter to freedom. — Pressure from the West brings trivial results. With all this negotiating with the regime were not widely advertised, although they seem to some Western ambassadors statements, are intensive.
Our opposition is weak, the power it does not count. But do ordinary business with Europe and America are very willing Lukashenko. Which year he lacks the ability to fly to the West. Maybe just now begins a sharp turn in Belarusian politics, which lead to such configurations expected "

— So says Ksenia Borisik from Minsk.
Indeed, Xenia, in the last few weeks immediately ahead of four political prisoners were released. But at the same time in a prison cell got youth activist Andrei Kim: he was charged with resisting police and filed a criminal case against him. 10s protesters businessmen served administrative arrests in the bullpen in Akrestsin. In captivity, remain the last presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin and opposition politician Andrei Klimov. Until they are released, can hardly be read on a sharp bend in Belarusian politics.
On the persecution of youth activists says in a letter to his own "Freedom" and Valentine Sokolovskaja from the village Bakshty Ivie district.
"Instead of creating the perfect conditions for life, closely relate to people, the government is at war with his own youth, their babies. Shame! Police reached the arbitrariness of unimaginable proportions. Young people maimed fate scoff. All this — for the sake of someone’s political ambitions. But evil — as Boomerang: vorachivaetsya it to what comes from whom.
We must learn to resist the militia yes bureaucratic arbitrariness. Unfortunately, black and educated people do not understand what the civilian rights and freedoms, as they need to be protected. Active and intelligent people, many do not support, but on the contrary — prevent them, derision. I see around me a lot of narrow-minded people. They are only interested in their pension. That brought him every month on 300 thousand rubles, he had them lying on the stove, get — and it does not disturb the rest, though the grass does not grow. What can you expect from such a person? "

— Wrote in his own letter to the "Freedom" Valentine Sokolovich from the village Bakshty Ivie district.
In those countries where people do not have the ability to read that reflect and choose power on honesty and fair elections, and wages and pensions, such that hard to live. Certainly, over time this explicit dependence understand and comprehend yours, Mrs. Sokolovich familiar elderly.
Vyacheslav Suharebski Village of Ruthenians Baranovichi district is concerned that in the energy sector in Belarus authorities rely on gas, oil, coal, and now also on the nuclear fuel and pay tribute attention to other sources of energy. In his letter to the "Freedom" listener writes:
"With such a thoughtless and barbaric use nevznavlyalnyh energy sources we can comprehend the tragedy. What — after us the deluge? And where is the responsibility to future generations?
Why not divert resources to build small hydropower plants and huge (which you can build a huge amount) on vetrasilavyya installation (let them pay off in 10-15 years or even more — and that is a great utility). And solar panels? A geothermal energy? A human waste and livestock for biogas production? A tree species, millions of tons of which rot in the woods? A worn and inefficient equipment obsolete power plants? A profligacy in utilities?
If ordinary people knew all this, she never listened to unscrupulous promoters of Lukashenko’s regime, which praised the Belarusian economic model, which in reality is based on land contract-operative economic system.
As for the idea of a referendum on the construction of nuclear power plants, the criteria for Belarus it worthless. All clear how a referendum under authoritarian regimes, "-

— Wrote in his own letter to the "Freedom" Vyacheslav Suharebski Village of Ruthenians Baranovichi district.
Is noteworthy that from the authorities as soon as you can often hear the same calls, sire Suharebski — and about tree species, which rots the forest, and about wind and solar energy, and biofuels … In almost all cases, the region is already adjusted and plans — how much energy they have obtained from other sources … But things are moving slowly.
And the reason is not that bureaucrats or artists do not understand the significance or prepyadstviya own responsibility to future generations. In the conditions of the current Belarusian reality is simply no longer economically viable. And while the government fails to adopt the precise mechanisms, economic incentives that will make it effective and profitable business — no appeals and no vshchuvanni posodeystvuyut.
On energy talks in his own writing and our friend davneshny Konstantin Syrel with Ushachi. He cites the following official number department of Municipal Minsk region. At the end of last year one gigakaleryya heat is generated at a wood-burning boiler, worth 145 thousand rubles for gas — 86 thousand (almost two times cheaper). In the Minsk area for firewood, wood chips and sawdust transferred 237 boilers. But mechanized feeding fuel equipped only 12 of them. On the other hands all you need to do — like reverse centuries … Konstantin Syrel writes on this subject:
"Boiler room started in an emergency procedure to translate into firewood for four years back. And that just at the moment it became clear that this — continuous losses, it is expensive and unprofitable? Nobody knew that the boiler that runs on a log — return the stone age? Did not we have scientists in this field Yes what scientists — part-time students majoring in "Firing" may conduct the necessary calculations.
And now we have to trust the current government to build nuclear power plants, which is not able to calculate the trivial or technical level nor economically boiler with wood? Yes, this power can not even isolate the heating duct pipe, and not what to build nuclear power plants. As fall snyazhok, walk on their own regional center. Do not need any metalashukalnika to find, where the heat pipeline — there is no snow, it melted. Such a broad band, four masters. There spring dandelions zatsvitayuts if not for a month earlier. Here are the ones for you Gcal from which electricity can be generated. Underfoot lying just bend over and pick up. Economic effect can be obtained very quickly. Loss on heating we have 4 times more than in the civilized countries, the creation of a unit of production — in 4-6 times. And Alexander G. NPP devised, which may begin to give some headway in eight years. Or maybe not start. And all these years, the country has to be undernourished, the last effort to push and tear veins, to eventually get another toy for the president and the prospect of a new Chernobyl? "

In his letter Konstantin Syrel with Ushachi also expressed regarding the authorities’ intention to entrust the construction of Russian nuclear power plant spices. He writes:
"What I’m one hundred percent agree with Zenon Pozniak, so it is, that under no circumstances should you trust NPP construction of. And since then get into another huge dependence, and because of possible low quality of construction. We already know their RBMK-1000: 1986 swallowed a spoonful of what it is
cooked, ate plenty.’ve had enough.
If Our homeland will build nuclear power plant in Belarus, I would day and night to pray to God, that my offspring and my grandchildren will never come back from California to his home in Belarus, at a fixed residence "

— Wrote in his own letter to freedom Konstantin Syrel with Ushachi.
For all your rightness, Constantine, reflection, still to be understood that in today’s world of energy policy into account not only economic calculations. What might be the consequences languid depending on the 1st source of fuel supplies from a monopolist, the former Soviet Union are well aware. Therefore seeking to diversify — and suppliers, and methods of producing energy. Willingness to a crisis situation, when the gas price will rise or repeatedly monopoly of some circumstances override the gas valve in general — is a significant guarantee of economic and political independence.
Certainly, to achieve that, so with wood boilers were as profitable as gas, today it is difficult. Although, for example, in the Nordic and Baltic countries, the development of energy from waste wood — pretty nice business.
At the end — a piece of writing Misha Bacevich from Pinsk — on the position of the Belarusian language. A listener writes:
"Glad that" Freedom "- belarusskoyazychnoe radio (unlike many other stations). Meaning first experienced for themselves. In October last year was fortunate to attend a two-week courses of increasing skill in Minsk (I’m a doctor.) So here, one moment, driving the bus, heard behind someone in the midst of the sea Russian read in Belarusian. I turned the young woman (of course, a student), ear pressed to the phone, scribbling in their native language. It was so deep, so nice. I even somehow pulled his shoulders. His heart was somehow sublime. "And we civilization, and we — people!" — Now this idea "
— Wrote in his own letter to the "Freedom" Misha Bacevich from Pinsk.
Thank you, sire Bacevich, for you and everyone who found the time to write to freedom. Write. Waiting for new posts.
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