Lukashenko warned of external danger

Alexander Lukashenko said that Belarus has recently may be at the center of modern, increasingly tense situation that will claim an adequate response from the public interest. Citing the example of "double standards" of the West regarding Kosovo, he warned of the danger "lopsided division of the political map of Europe." According views Lukashenko, practically solved the issue of placement near the Belarusian borders parts of the American missile defense system "undermines strategic stability."
Does the right officer dreams of the apartment?

Meanwhile, protested the Belarusian leader, in such a tense situation the officer corps says no more about the readiness to defend the government, and about the problems behind. Lukashenko said that it is not aware of such officers: "Everyone should live a normal life, but none of the 1st officer is not must in the foreground. "
Previous Belarusian Defense Minister Pavel Kozlovsky believes that distinguish tasks from army routine life impossible. While Belarusian officer will forever wander the dorms expect from him a large commitment seriously:
"He spoke the truth, when he had in mind the problem of life. Officer now put exactly into a humiliating situation. Dwellings free no, they are deprived of all privileges. Because he was right when he stated that the officer is more preoccupied with prepyadstviya how to survive in peace criteria and not in the hypothetical nature of combat. There colonels who had risen to the rank and such do not have their own angle. Seven thousand homeless in the army! such a small as ours. ‘Cause on Actually problem of feral and Lukashenko read the truth. Another thing that "ernichannem" it was said. Now that’s the other side. "
According to Alexander Lukashenko, considerably complicate the situation around the U.S. sanctions against Belarus "Belneftekhim" concern and companies in the industry. But Lukashenko said, the country is "not suicidal": "Once before, currently live in the criteria so called sanctions, and we shall live" — he concluded. During the growing tensions and attempts to interfere in home affairs country requirements grow Committee State Security, which, according to the head of state until sovladevaet puzzles with localization of anti-constitutional.
What comfort will provide law enforcement agencies?
Not the least problem than the outer factor — lack of internal discipline in the power structures themselves. In 1-x, concluded Lukashenko, law enforcement agencies have failed dramatically suspend even deteriorating crime situation. In-2-x, it outraged the corruption in the agencies responsible for combating this phenomenon. 10s servants police, KGB and other municipal departments arrested while receiving a bribe or malpractice.
Last presidential administration Leonid Sinitsyn recalls that Lukashenko himself came to power largely on an anti-corruption wave. But the efficiency of modern ways of combating corruption Leonid Sinitsyn ranges:
"Of course, technically he fights. He will not be silent as the president when he report that somewhere something is happening. But ways to combat ineffective. They are, say, surgical. Other words abscess appeared on his finger, fell ill — a finger cut off. But could cure, that this abscess was not forthcoming. At this point, in fact, the power is from the officials. And they, the bureaucrats write laws themselves. For example, in the same Russian corruption has long been the law. Everything in Russia is stolen, it’s the law. And who invents laws? Bureaucrats, for themselves and write. And Belarus uniformly to this rolls. Because realize you need more extensive look at this corruption and the ability of the real fight against it. "
Contrary to expectations, Alexander Lukashenko did not respond to nedavneshnee incident, which involved members of the Ministry of Interior. About the attempt to suspend March 2 intoxicated driver so referred "Human shield" from their passenger cars, their drivers and passengers. Only through the happy case nobody died. Chief of Traffic Police of Belarus, Minsk regional leaders also GAI traffic police and the October district only received official reprimands.

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