Lukashenko: Will push — become acquainted with Russian

"We’re not entirely applicable when the EU begins to dance to the tune of U.S.. We do not like when European politicians positioning themselves as are independent, and when it comes to tough questions — are attached in the wake of American politics" — said President of Belarus.
By him, Western pressure on Belarus will further its rapprochement with Russia. "I think you know the time when such a massive Western pressure on Belarus, our dealings with Russia will be even stronger," — said Lukashenko.
Speaking about the relations of Russia with the U.S. and the EU, he stressed that "Our homeland is using its leverage to position itself as a dignified nuclear power, I wish that it said on the corresponding language."
According to the manager of democracy in Belarus Belarus okay, not worse than in the homeland of the Austrian Agency journalists who questioned him. "Democracy in Belarus is the same as in Austria, almost one to one. Democratic values in Belarus over the highest level, than at least some other European country"- Said the head of Belarus.
"So what else is missing in a democratic portrait of Belarus What more do you need from Europe Belarus?" — Posted by Lukashenko.

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