Lyalkov: EU does not change to the regime’s own business

On these questions Vitaly Tsygankova meets Chairman of the Belarusian Schumann Society, a political scientist Igor Lyalkov.
Tsigankov"Can a resolution, which now take the European Parliament, can do better or worsen relations between the official Minsk and the European Union?"
Lyalkov: "I believe that this first demonstration of the principled position of the EU (or more specifically, the European Parliament) to the situation in Belarus. Indeed, the last time there was a lot of speculation about that position is changed, it is not so fundamentally. But adoption of this resolution — a demonstration that the European Union does not deviate from its own "12 proposals," after which Belarus can join the European Neighbourhood Policy. They give the character that the situation with political repression and political prisoners remain in sight.
So first is the answer to these speculations and doubts that have emerged on the topic of how the EU could reconsider its position of the Belarusian regime. "
Tsigankov"In other words, you think this is a timely response and the right move?"
Lyalkov: "The adoption of this resolution demonstrates that Europe remains the only (at least, at the level of returns) relative to the Belarusian issue. This is an attempt (again, at the level of declarations) show support for democratic forces in Belarus -" they say, okay, you Europe not forgets. "
Tsigankov: "Two points of the resolution dedicated visa issue. Draft MPs urge executive bodies — the European Commission — to liberalize the practice of issuing visas for Belarusian citizens nebyli isolated. Situation of weird little — many politicians are calling, calling MPs and the case does not move .."
Lyalkov: "I think it’s an ordinary techno inertia European bureaucracy nepavarotnay this machine.’s Faster internal prepyadstviya EU. I wholeheartedly believe in the goodwill of European politicians regarding visa requirements for Belarus. Indeed, this is essentially an issue that is relatively inexpensive costs, but Belarus may have a good effect. Because I believe that all they heartily accepted, but another thing — techno Brussels bureaucracy. Turn this car very hard. But there is hope that it will be turned off. "

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