M.Zeltser: Do not rule out that his brother stole Berezovsky

"I immediately realized that brother flew by plane Boris Berezovsky to Minsk, where he was arrested. But then it is a mercy? At the moment I do not rule out that I was right, Joseph Kay, a relative of the late Georgian millionaire Badri Patarkatsishvili, when was that his lawyer was stolen. Kay meant my brother.
Boris Berezovsky in Georgia begins the process of appropriation of property by Patarkatsishvili, and the main obstacle he could be my brother. Text charges that brought Emmanuel Belarus coincides with a letter of Boris Berezovsky, "- said Mark Zeltser Radio Liberty from New York.
Russian publication "Kommersant" led subsequent words of Boris Berezovsky, Emanuel Zeltser respect: "The other day I talked to Seltzer regarding his trip to Minsk and directly said to him that I consider him a crook. Yet for all this, I said to him that if he thinks that him all the documents are correct, then let him go to Belarus and bring it. "
According to "Kommersant", Boris Berezovsky believes that Emanuel Zeltser flew to Minsk to solve the problem of property that belonged to Belarus late Badri Patarkatsishvili.
Recall Emanuel Zeltser with secretary Vladlena Funk were detained in Minsk on March 12 on charges of forgery. Tags: arrest, Patarkatsishvili, Seltzer, Berezovsky

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