Made an appeal to the UN Council on Human Rights

It says that the position Republic of Belarus in compliance Human Rights was not progressive.
At a meeting of the Public Commission for the Rehabilitation of Victims of Political Repression, which was held in the office of the Belarusian Popular Front, made an appeal to the Member States of the UN Human Rights, also to the governments and peoples of the world and people of good will.
"The repression by the regime last, breaking open the power of fate democracy activists, many Belarusian citizens. Vpartsyatstsa authorities unwillingness to recognize the illegality of the criminal conviction of ex-presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin and release him and other Belarusian political prisoners, "- said in the appeal.
Also, there are concerns the authorities’ actions aimed at liquidation of personal business.
"Prosecution democratic activists like former forced disappearances of political opponents in Belarus, under certain circumstances can be recognized crimes against humanity. As such, they fall under yurispundentsiyu international criminal law," — said in the appeal.
The Commission urged the Council Human Rights UN to assist in the organization of international cooperation to address the practice of persecution for political views in Belarus. She also encourages discern the question of recognition of political opponents of the current regime, prisoners of conscience, victims of certain crimes from the country, and withdo required for the early release of political prisoners. Tags: UN human proclamation Rights Council,

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