MAKS-2013 pilots aerobatic team perform at the Yak-130 — Video

MAKS-2013 pilots aerobatic team perform at the Yak-130 - Video

The Russian Defense Ministry wants to show at MAKS in Zhukovsky, which will be held in August 2013, the performance of aerobatic team on combat training aircraft Yak-130, writes in an article of the newspaper «Izvestia» Alexei Mikhailov, Dmitry Balburov citing a source in the Command of the Air Force.
One Yak-130 and with the respective colors of special smoke generator is already available. The number of such aircraft to MAKS-2013 is planned to see. Brand new aerobatic team, are expected to be created on the basis of one of the existing, for example, «Swifts» in which there are only two applicable to fly the MiG-29.
In late 2012, two pilots from the «Swifts» headed Borisoglebsk Voronezh region on training military airbase educational and scientific center of the Air Force. On a business trip, they had to teach the basics of flight instructor and a single group aerobatics in the Yak-130. Education while suspended.
Currently, no state, no subordination, no title newest aerobatic team is not defined.
Presumably, she joins the group of the Center display aircraft of Russian Air Force 4th municipal center of aviation training.
The main task of the group will be to promote the latest Yak-130 on the outer markets. Training of members of existing groups to aerobatics for them on the new type of aircraft is about a month.
Air Force Commander Viktor Bondarev
On the need for the creation of the aerobatic team on the Yak-130 back in 2012, said Air Force Commander Viktor Bondarev. «We will do another group on the Yak-130. It will be created in the order of mandatory, as the Yak-130 — aircraft is also beautiful, and it should show «- said Bondarev.
Meanwhile, in December 2012, it became clear that the aerobatic team «Swifts» and «Russian Knights» is planned to re-new types of aircraft: Su-30cm and Su-35s, respectively.
Earlier need such re-Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.

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