Malady commemorated the victims of the Minsk Ghetto

Representatives of unregistered organizations in Belarus "Young Front"Commemorated the victims of the Minsk ghetto. Oct. 20 they laid flowers at the memorial to" The Pit "and lit memorial candles.
"We laid flowers to commemorate those who died during the liquidation of the ghetto. Certainly, we are mindful of this disaster, and particularly young people forced to announce his presence, that we realize how we have the responsibility to build their future," — said one of the participating shares Anastasia Palazhanka.
In stock assumed the role of about 15 people, reports BelaPAN.
Sixty-five years ago Nazis killed in Minsk ghetto prisoners who were about 100,000 Jews from Belarus, Poland, Germany, Austria, France, Holland, Belgium. Minsk ghetto was one of the biggest in Europe and lasted about 27 months. On several streets, covered with wire stitching, in July 1941, each family had at least 1.5 square meters area.
June 21, 1943, Himmler gave orders to kill all the ghetto, remaining on the ground in Eastern Belarus (with a population of about 400 thousand people). The latest victims of the Holocaust on the Belarusian land became prisoners of the Minsk Ghetto: 21 October SS deported to Trostenets in "gas chambers" thousands of people.

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