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"Detractors of the socialist system have resorted to a cheap speculation about existing inequalities when Russian authorities …" "It seems to be any bitter think about it, but now Belarus and Our homeland — sovereign country," "Be in their place (GKChPistov) Yuri Andropov , no doubt we would be living now in Russian Union. "
This is not an excerpt from the online forum at some Russian patriotic website. This is not journalism standard in 1992 restored the Communist Party leaders. This quote from the book of the former Prime Minister and presidential candidate to be independent Belarus Vyacheslav Kebich. At 480 pages of this book by regret collapse of the USSR can be compared only with the number of violent diatribes in the address "nationalist opposition."
Creator sincere — as it may be in its status and in his situation — and this causes involuntary sympathy. Unlike the memoirs of the same Peter Kravchenko Kebich not to the principle of "all city .. one I in a white dress coat"He admits his mistakes, not throws all prerequisites own failures on others.

Alexander Lukashenko yelling from the podium — "In your own locks not hide stolen, sire Kebich"

Kebich, in fact, does not seek to please the available power, "bend over backwards" to her. Man "collective management", he mockingly-ironically writes about today’s management style, when one reads, while others heed, criticizes the "even" transfer days of independence on July 3 — the date on which, according to the creator, to the status of the country has no direct relationship . There is no official flirting with stripes and personal assessments. So Kebich states that Stanislav Bogdanovich — the chairman of the National Bank of Prof. all that were "before and after him." Kebich often criticizes political position and personal properties Stanislav Shushkevich, but notes that immediately after the election of the chairman of the Supreme Council Shushkevich in 1991, they agreed that they will not tolerate personal attacks. And recognizes Kebich, Shushkevich kept his word — critics had a lot of, but a personal insult — ever.
In general, this is the only place in flashback, where Kebich states that-something positive about their own political opponents. Reproaches the address "opposition BNF" interspersed whole book, BNF worse — only the Americans who destroyed the Soviet Union, Belarus did not help in the first years of independence, and now run by the opposition. Creator’s "makes" BNF-phobia, he outlines several pages fighting faction BPF 13th Supreme Soviet (Parliament if headed Semen Sharetsky). The problem is that neither of 1 representative of the BPF in the parliament was not.
In general, there are times when something breaks the sincerity of the creator, and the memory refuses to remember something fundamental. Yes, very briefly and creased Kebich writes about anti-corruption reports deputy Lukashenka — perhaps it just the moment where the best care "pause" and not to enter the terrible terrain. In general, the memory of the people are very selective, and perhaps Vyacheslav Franzevich really remembers that stuck in my memory, for example, me. And at me at the moment standing in front of the eyes of the subsequent picture: Alexander Lukashenko yelling from the podium — "In their own locks not hide stolen, sire Kebich", the Prime Minister turns purple desperately indignantly threw up his hands, as if speaking to all MPs — "well look what still it mattersetsya? "In the book it is not.

In Kebich not have that animal lust for power, which was with Lukashenko in 1994

In general, the attitude towards Lukashenka Kebich contemporarily "dialectical" — he can criticize individual associates to the President, to notice "some shortcomings", but in general Kebich leaves no oscillations (or hope?) Readers that he — a strategic follower today’s rate. Even the results of the presidential elections in 1994 Kebich explains first defeat as "nationalist" forces — say, does not matter what I lost, as long as they have not been.
"Happy the man I felt twice in my life: when I was a student and had worked Factory Director. " This phrase from the book explains almost everything — in Kebich not have that animal lust for power, which was with Lukashenko in 1994, it was something to remember, had something to lose. He during his own premiership and did not go to the use of force — and not as "could not." Nostalgia, which permeated the whole book, yavna: specifically there in the past, Kebich feels comfortable — there where he wasof collective management, where the "real work" and not political zvadki where there was no opposition, and the privileges of the best workers were not worse privileges nomenclature (at least, the creator himself wants to believe it).
Zenon Pozniak in the presidential election in 1994 was that the choice between Lukashenko and Kebich — it "or head in an oven, or feet. " Said, agree well — say, "the same", there is no difference. But if you start from this metaphor, the difference was still. Lukashenko — it is just "a head in the oven", to cut off many of our hopes and values and rapid force. Kebich — it would be a version of the "feet in the oven": the same destruction, but a long and painful.

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