Marochkin on Akrestsin props to the days of Will withdrawn

"Seven police officers and riot police broke into the shop, where my father, — says Igor Marochkin. — They raided and confiscated about 40 banners and posters that were prepared workshop for tomorrow’s street action. The search militiamen broke some ceramic items, stood on the shelves. Found the famous work "Dolls" and also taken away. Do not take only portraits of public figures and heraldic symbols. "
Militiamen took Alexei Marochkina with workroom and said to a neighbor that an artist driven to the police department of the Central district.
"I immediately went to the department, but the father is not there, — says Igor Marochkin — After a long conversation we found out that he was taken from the apartment immediately on Akrestin."
(Press Service of the BPF)

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