Maxim Zhbankova film festival

And, as usual, let’s start with the positive. At times, the movie recalls own theatrical roots. And begins to make concise psihadramy Mikhalkovskaya like "Five Evenings" or "Death and the Maiden" Roman Polanski. New experience with a designated number of — "Fat", directed by Kenneth Branagh. The traditional scheme: a farm known novelists granted overnight guest. There is a theme to the conversation: writer wife left him for a young fancy man. And he asks permission for divorce.
Movie looks quite ordinary, but only on first glance. On Actually it is a remake of the English movie 70s, which in turn have known adaptation of the play by Anthony Shaffer. And if you add that the latest version of an old script made more recognizable by Harold Pinter, and played the role of an old uncle Michael Caine movie played last game of the younger competitors, everything starts to slowly get confused. Yet, "Bacon" is worthy of the attention of even those who know nothing about its history. After all, Michael Caine and his younger partner Jude Law arrange for two luxury benefis Russian school of acting. London taxis!
Main negative recollection — what previously seemed to be opening. Another tape Hong Kong romance Van corvette with spectacular title "My Blueberry Nights." Karwan — master visual raspovedav lyrical poet nocturnal wanderings and Kneipp under dazhzhom — did own the first South American movie. What a nightmare!
The plot of the song: a woman finds her blueberry happiness while traveling from New York to San Francisco. The main role — jazz singer Norah Jones. At dancer — again Jude Law. Plus experienced Rachel Weisz and David Streytern. Very technical, very fashionable, very reserved. But do not touch them. Not that went blueberry.
And now — my personal choice this week. Another reissue with gold collection uncle Disney cartoons. In the end, we have waited "Kotov aristocrats. " Director Wolfgang Rayterman had a hand in "The Jungle Book" and "101 dalmatsintsa." To him belongs the high achievements and also the story about community-seals Parisian jazz.
That’s what happens usual magic! Almost 40 years have passed since the premiere — and catchy, as if made only yesterday. And specifically for your order. They say frivolous loves Disney. So do better! I’ll stay here with Francophone kittens.

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