Maybe kapets and the contribution lies in the bank

International monetary crisis — a topic that discussions are students of Liberty.
"Sprawled Alliance and its immutability
Guaranteed tanks and guns.
Maybe kapets and the contribution lies in the bank,
Then millions priobretesh money only broth cube Galina Blanca.
How to save a penny?
Need to purchase real estate, house, 10 acres zemelku.
Read listener, once the bank lost contribution. "
Further expression in the address control of the country and the opposition:
Man: "Lukashenko did 12 years Russian Alliance. He did not. Yesterday I looked and listened as he spoke, that it is necessary to go to Europe. Has long been necessary so to do with Europe. And not drag us into the abyss, in its Belarus. On Currently we lived very well. "
Mistress of Borisov: "Why the opposition has lost credibility in the midst of the people? Incorrectly indicates examples of the states where there is democracy. Demonstrate not democracies, but show only those where pasmeyvayutstsa for the democracy. That Ukraine, in Georgia. And we give an example of that here when democracy was Shushkevich. Already swallowed freedom. People remember what freedom was what democracy was. robbed people, means that people are put off to the funeral — all taken away. And Shushkevich — flawless democrat "
Expression commented Chairman Belarusian Language Society Oleg Trusov:
"I was just a member of parliament when Stanislav Shushkevich was briefly head of the Supreme Council. Whoever called surely forgotten that the state is not ruled Shushkevich Kebich. Both government Kebich povinet in coupons, coupons, and that we introduced their latest tools on the ground Russian Union. And so for the Russian Ruble empty we have taken out the latest products. Incidentally, if not Shushkevich, the deputy and close Lukashenko would not idol those people, which are now called. By the way, he promised to return and "death" and "brownies", and refrigerators, and televisions, and a cow each purchase. Well, please, get what was promised to you. "
Next regular expression in the address of the opposition:
Man: "Favorite opposition must learn to speak with an ordinary Belarusian people. Intelektualnastsi not need the highest since ordinary people fail to realize. Necessary to learn how to say our president with the usual lyudom and he gets recognition! And the opposition does not understand, though, apparently, She and the highest purpose. This is very crucial. Our opposition went to Europe and America, that they spoke and what response — you know, even a negative response to all the reasons that they were doing about the situation in Belarus. Grandfather from Minsk. "
Commented Deputy Managing movement "For Freedom" Viktor Kornienko:
"Almost everyone can agree with pochetaemym sovereign: opposition should learn to talk to people, and not only during the election campaign. Here I absolutely agree. I do not think that the language of the Belarusian opposition is very different from the language of the people. But as for example Lukashenka with the sovereign, not every as easy to deal with people. If said — you need to do, people need to read the whole truth — and here there are significant differences. regard to travel, this is the only opportunity to plead for the people in the country and fully applied things — about the price of visas and so on. And as for the reaction of democratic states on the events in Belarus: very soft-spoken response to the assessment of the elections in Belarus — democratic countries did not recognize these elections. "
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