Meat packing plant at Baranovichi — protests

On the days of lost work there about 40 people from the canning workshop. The same fate and even weave factory workers.
Number of working days at the factory is from 7 to 10 per month. Spontaneous rally people spent when they learned about the complete closure of canning workshop. Now they fear the same fate, says one of the workers, Olga Heniyush:
"I speak on behalf of the department that we are concerned about the problem of job loss. We always promise that everything will be fine, that is the reconstruction that we are moving, and Actually we stand on the spot. We live in the promises, and the work we have. Mayor of the town Dyachkovsky we had, we from him have not heard anything. "
The company was attached to the slaughterhouse Berezovsky, allegedly for the purpose of reconstruction and modernization. But it turned into curtailing production and firing workers, most of them — the ladies, says another worker Alla Zayko Enterprise:
"I am a single mother of a toddler. Salaries for January 184 thousand, how to live? Work on the plant started with 18 years at the moment I — 37 and Where to go? Nowhere to go. And many of us. Who works slaughter shop — all this situation. "
Written appeals directed staff combine a concern to the administration of the Brest region, the administration, but the answer did not get anywhere. Director Vladimir Berezovsky slaughterhouse Zhukovich action on the assigned company also refused to comment:
"I interview anyone on the phone do not give. If you would like, then come. All good, doskorogo goodbye."
Prepyadstviya Baranovichsky slaughterhouse — appropriate for companies in the food industry of the country, and they have a few circumstances, says economist Mike Zaleski:
"The reason the first is enforcement, and the second — human rights. During January-September increased and payables and receivables. And if there is no ordinary bankruptcy proceedings, they begin to connect voedinyzhdy enterprise. This elimination in the form of a merger. European legislation in such cases dismissal anticipates salaries up to 7 years. We in connection with the liquidation of the company the person is completely powerless. "

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