Medvedev developed Russian policy regarding the CIS?

Today’s meeting was informal presidents temper. It was not intended to make any decisions or sign contracts. Almost summit turned into a farewell to Vladimir Putin and familiarity with the future guests of Moscow Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. It is significant that on this occasion came to Moscow all the presidents of the Commonwealth, which was not very long.
Vladimir Putin said goodbye to his colleagues and virtually admitted that the CIS as of today it is less than a debating club. He said that "the CIS has been and remains the principal platform for discussion on the problems of post-Soviet expanse."

Putin: "We are together made all major decisions, including in the most important foreign policy we have a direction — the direction of the CIS"

Whereupon he presented his own successor. Of his words it became clear that all the latest Dmitry Mdvedev years was not just the vice-premier of the Russian government, and almost all the developed country’s foreign policy with regard to the Commonwealth of independent states.
Putin and said that with his successor specifically "we jointly made all major decisions, including in the most important foreign policy we have a direction — the direction of the CIS. Medvedev was one of the founders of the policy that our homeland conducted in this direction."
Belarus is a recognition not the most pleasant, because it is worth recalling that specifically Dmitry Medvedev and was so far is the chairman of the Board of Directors of "Gazprom" and is perceived and perceives all decisions related to the increase in prices for natural gas, including Belarus.
I recall that on the days of Alexander Lukashenko in an interview with Russia Today TV channel said that "Gazprom" wants to This year twice to raise gas prices for our country.
In a situation where the agenda of the summit out of the capital a day or fundamental issues, observers endowed more attention to who the favorites countries held talks with Vladimir Putin alone. This list was not Alexander Lukashenko.
Most of the time President chairs the management of Georgia. Observers note that it is clear, after Kosovo’s independence declaration, the case specifically with this state for Putin — important.

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