Meet at Kolas at 18.00!

Ulitenok: "Dmitry, as it seems to you: ideas, models BNR easier to take the young people present, or the generation of the 1980s, when the Russian Empire was falling apart?"

Cvet becomes global, and ultimately for some people Belarusian values go to the second plan

Fedoruk:"On the one hand, the predecessor was a little better understand this … For example, the sign for revision of views became Chernobyl."

"But they actually knew nothing about the Republic!"
Fedoruk: "On the other hand, at the moment a lot of info, though what the world becomes global, and ultimately for some people Belarusian values go to the second plan. Younger generation will, I think, a little harder to make sense of what happened" .
Ulitenok: "What is the lesson of Belarusian municipal revival you important?"
Fedoruk: "What a holy place can not be empty: dreams of those who founded the BNR of their own municipal signs, army vehicles, etc. — to fruition."
Ulitenok: "What is required for the consolidation of political civilization now?"
Fedoruk: "Strong idea which really will hold the Belarusian society. During which people will be able to go and what they may suffer."
Ulitenok: "What in the current state process and that disappoints you — fun?"
Fedoruk"Cheers, of course, that many young comes at the moment in politics. Who write songs, poems … A disappointing that for all these people stop to appreciate the most common values, even human — they become secondary. Instead Many youth role active life underground, sinks to the bottom of the bottle. Ceases to believe in everything, except himself, eventually — for each own moral standard. Big problem and that reigns full Russian culture. Not that that is a real, large their achievements. A — psevdasuchasnaya. "

Cheers that many young comes at the moment in politics

Ulitenok: "In that case: what seems to you the prospect of the Belarusian state revival?"
Fedoruk: "The fact that at the moment happens a little change of generations. And those who currently grow and yearn for revival, they will be able to grow up and take responsibility. Civilization requests at the moment is really responsible people."
Ulitenok: "Where are you going for the day Will?"

"Hopefully, we’ll meet with friends together on Yakub Kolas at 18.00."
Public editor this week — Dmitri Fedoruk. 20 days before the 90th anniversary of Dmitry BNR celebrated its 20th anniversary. He is one of the favorites of "Young Front", he served a total of more than 30 days in jail and detention facilities, including in solitary confinement so called "American." Not so long ago, during one of the opposition shares after a trip to the United States, where Dmitry together with several representatives of the United Democratic Forces met with President George W. Bush, his ruthlessly beaten by riot policemen: the clinic boy fell unconscious.

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