MFA offers a level of U.S. diplomatic, parity presence

About it now, said Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrei Popov at a briefing, answering a question Radio Liberty, why the Belarusian side offers to reduce the presence of the U.S. Embassy in Belarus. Official dealer of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry said Belarus never been interested in the development of tensions with the United States, which exists at the moment. And, they say, all the acts of the Belarusian side — it only acts in response:
"We are at this stage is not about reducing diplomatic presence United States America in Minsk. The Belarusian side states that, you need to align the parity level diplomatic presence in order to bring it into line with the level of diplomatic presence in Belarus in the United States. And these abilities Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations (Article 11) gives us in full.
We believe that this step of the Belarusian side has a clear internal logic. Visits at the highest level between the highest and our countries not. In connection with the actions of the U.S. administration nedavneshnimi, of course, will be reduced contacts in the economic field. These criteria proposed parity level diplomatic presence, which insists on the Belarusian side is fully sufficient. "
Political analyst Ales Lahvinets believes these allegations exaggeration:
"Since just Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations States reserves the right to determine the number of employees of the embassy, which they have. Something new is introduced Belarusian Foreign Ministry, if question about a parytetnasts presence. "
Article 11 of the Vienna Convention reads as follows:
1st In the absence of a specific agreement on the number of consular staff can stay the government suggested that the number of consular staff remained within the limits that it considers reasonable and normal, taking into account of the accident and the conditions existing in the host country and the needs of the consulate.

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