Milinkevich promised to help Mogilev

Two months back the inhabitants of the neighborhood, "Mir-1" have collected five hundred signatures for the speedy reconstruction of "Khrushchev". People collected signatures sent to the city council and the executive committee. Acquired from the officials they did not accept the answer. What more do people do not know. The fact they complained Milinkevich.
Alexander Milinkevich promised to assist people:
"We will certainly help to you. Would be for you a good lawyer, maybe two. Spetsy will arrive, the utility and the law. But must be together and not disperse. Must be submitted to the tribunal. Courts to have to resolve contentious issues. Need not fear the courts. It’s standard procedure. Need to defend their rights. Thanks to you for what you have and what you are active. "
Their impressions of the meeting with residents of "Khrushchev" Alexander Milinkevich shared with "Freedom":
"In every country, there are difficulties with the budget. Each country seriously addressed communal difficulties. Priority things there. If change in the center of the tile in the third time, even the best on the best, or will the palace — we are rich enough to do something. Immediately the house can collapse on the heads of people. I believe that the most important thing these people themselves trying to fend for themselves. "
Or rely people of "Khrushchev" Milinkevich help? Says one of the owners of "Khrushchev" Nina Petrovna

As for the youth, who lives in "Khrushchev", it was not at the meeting. Young people followed the conversation with people Incline age politician through the windows.
After the neighborhood, "Mir-1" Milinkevich visited 2nd district — "Salaminka." Within a month, residents of the district and twenty thousandth entrepreneurs struggling with the intention of the authorities to eliminate the only market here. At month 6 thousand people gathered enough signatures against its liquidation. On the spot market authorities want to build a sports complex.

Alexander Milinkevich a day or two was in Mogilev. Yesterday he visited Belynechey, yes Shklovschina Gorki.
"We have a lot of problems, and basically have here is that the authorities do not adgarozhvalasya from people. Bad that power not elected and is not depending on the people. It itself for itself, and by the people themselves for themselves. People ask me how to live young, as they build apartments, how to get education. Asked many questions about health care and nuclear power plant. In the Hills, for example, well done and gathered a half thousand signatures against nuclear power in Gorki district. Lots of questions there, but it perfectly, people realize that it is necessary to fight for themselves their rights and defend their dignity. "During his stay in Mogilev Milinkevich was no problems with the police. She just watched from afar meetings. Tags:, Milinkevich, Mogilev

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