Minsk and Brussels will be read once a day

Special agreement to sign the deputy minister of foreign affairs of Belarus Valery Voronetsky commissioner in external relations and European Neighbourhood Policy Benita Ferrero-Waldner. To this end, Valery Voronetsky yesterday flew to Brussels.
Date March 7 as possible to sign a corresponding agreement on our website called a week back. And yesterday, spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Andrei Popov officially confirmed this:
"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in collaboration with the European Commission agreed on the date of signature of this document. Official ceremony held on March 7 this year in Brussels."
Offer Belarusian authorities about opening his own office EU took another two years back. But now the official Minsk took this appeal. Because while Belarusian affairs on behalf of the European Union is engaged in the consulate is located in Kiev. Once this study bowed three countries — except Belarus, Moldova and even Ukraine itself. But almost Three years, opened in Chisinau independent Consulate Commission.
Political analyst, Chairman Schumann Commission to Belarus Igor Lyalkov speculates on why the Belarusian authorities have given their consent only at the moment:
"This upcoming step towards improving relations between the EU and Belarus. This is what we look past few months. And this is in connection with attempts of the Belarusian authorities to show that they too are open for certain configurations.
Wherefore this is done? I think, first seen here economic enthusiasm. And because the Belarusian authorities will try to freeze the very political situation in the country. But for all that they will do and certain gestures, like the release of political prisoners, for the sake of Western funds. "
Head of the Commission in the Lithuanian-Belarusian relations Lithuanian Parliament Vaclav Stankevich calls the decision "a very positive step Belarusian authorities":
"I have always stated that Belarus needs to work every day, every hour, and not by accident, as it happened with the European Union. Bad if only occasionally remembered that there is a country — Belarus.
And I am very pleased that at the moment Consulate in Minsk will be the European Union. So makarom, Belarus and the European Union will be able to maintain a dialogue once a day. And it is very principally for their relationship. "

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