Minsk expects the latest prices for Russian gas

Alexander Lukashenko, taking Viktor Zubkov, said that "the economic affairs of Belarus and Russia are developing a unique intensity", unlike during the premiership of Misha Fradkov when Lukashenka said rovnenko questions appearing on the site.
A. Lukashenko says:
"I’ll tell you for those dilemmas that we have now and in the external trade. Especially in connection with the position of the U.S., not even partners, and the South American president and the government — silly and fictional, in violation of all international agreements."
One of the problems in Russian-Belarusian relations is the cost on Russian gas for consumers in Belarus.
According to the first deputy prime minister of Belarus Vladimir Semashko, during a meeting with Viktor Zubkov his Belarusian officer Sergei Sidorsky touched gas issue.
After exactly 10 days terminate the part of the agreement with "Gazprom", which sets the price Russian gas. Currently Belarus buys gas for 119 bucks for a thousand cubic meters. On April 1, the price under the contract should be reviewed.
Following the talks, Viktor Zubkov said that Belarus gas issues need to be addressed in accordance with previous agreements, and that mutually beneficial cooperation in this area made all conditions.
Together with Viktor Zubkov now in Minsk was the deputy head of Russian gas monopoly Andrey Kruglov, who negotiated a "Beltransgaz".
Asked by reporters whether agree "Gazprom" that the gas price for Belarus will not change, the deputy head of Russian concern Andrey Kruglov gave subsequent response:
"In the determination of gas prices Belarus"Gazprom" is interested in moving to the principle rovnaprybytkovastsi business. But we agree with the decision, which the government reach 2-states. "
Official disk imaging on new gas price for Belarus, since the second quarter this year, to This time not. Columnist "Belarusians and Market" Tatiana Manyanok sure: structural price increases until;
"We need to imply, Zubkov recently headed the Russian delegation at these talks. There will be soon a new government. And because I believe in the revolutionary changes of the situation should not happen. Already the new government will produce the latest economic policies, in including in the gas sector. "
According to official statistics, the lack of foreign trade of Belarus with Russia only in January 2008 amounted to 1 billion 268 million dollars. If this trend will not change, at the end of the year will reach 15-16 billion disadvantage against eight billion dollars in Last year.

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