Minsk hosted the presentation of the book The Road

Download the book in format PDF (1,4 MB) can be
Photo Gallery In the hall of BPF were no empty seats —. there were about 200 people
Book Ivonka Survila could immediately get to the entrance.
In the presentation of the book did not take part created by: Freedom in an interview she told that was very willing to be coupled with the participants, but salting Belarus in the U.S. Misha Tails offered to write a letter to Alexander Lukashenko, so let her into the country. Survila said that is not fully ready to write such a letter, and in-2, it is considered abnormal to go to Belarus, if it fights against the current regime.
First event chairman BPF Lavon Barshcheuski regretted that present not met at the entrance to the estate white-red-white flag. The other day, representatives of the district administration claimed it off. Office Party requested a written justification. Then, the authorities used the methods of the underground struggle and broken off NIGHT MODE flag holders.

"This shows that they feel their weakness. But the force — in such books. On it you can remove the film, it is possible to teach the history of our children. "

"Standards are met BNR"
The event was the director of the Belarusian service of Radio Liberty, the coordinator of the series "Library of Liberty. XXI Century" Alexander Lukashuk:
"Thank you very much this house BNF, in which we can re-share the joy output newest book" Freedom Libraries ", the fourteenth in a row. Nearly 5 years ago we started a series of programs "Modern memories." We turned to our fellow countrymen with a request to write their memoirs, their vision of a new history of the events that are happening at the moment. In total we have left more than 20 cycles, and one of these cycles, we were asked to write Ivonka Survila. And this book was born. "
Chairman of the BPF Barshcheuski Lavon said he met with Ivonka Survila in Strasbourg during the Week of Belarus in the European Parliament, where it formally invited as manager of the Belarusian government in exile:
"I am honored that I can, the only one in this room who has a book with her his autograph. Dear Leon and everyone who vorachival Belarusian independence in the early 90-ies. Gratefully. Lives Belarus Ivonka Survila, March 13 2008, Strasbourg.
Before leaving, I was the last person who spoke to her. She already knew it would be now presented. Communicated to all sincere greeting belief that standards are implemented BPR that Belarus will be free and democratic state, part of the Euro-Atlantic civilization. "
"She yells spring"
Dr. Zahar Shibeko — one of those who could hold closed eyes on places of Minsk associated with BPR. He referred Ivonka Survila professional, extraordinary lady:
"It shows the ideal Belarusian mentality that line of thought. It shows how must be Byelorussian, in what direction to think. As dreams like rooting for our Belarus. And this book because will be very useful for all of us, and our first ladies. If we had such ladies as Ivonka Survila, we would not have such problems with the state of self-affirmation. This book should possible extensive disperse. In this book there’s a mission. And if Ivonka can not reach us, she flew to us in the form of vernal bird. She called spring. She believes in Belarus. And it is her faith, I think, is accomplished. "
One of the participants of the presentation, the Chairman of the Board of World Association of Belarusians "Fatherland" Makovskaya Lena, said in an interview with Freedom:

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