Minsk — the capital of the BNR

Sightseeing tour in which about fifty people participated, started from the monument to Yanka Kupala. Later, the young historian Paul Dyusekav led people to one of the buildings of the complex episcopal monastery:
"This house has remained virtually intact. It was the Church and Archaeological Museum. Than it is fascinating to us that from July to August 1918 there has met BNR Rada."
In today’s building Yanka Kupala Theatre in 1917 convened the first All-Belarusian Congress, in which took part in 1872 delegates from of the Belarusian ethnic places — from Smolensk to Bialystok. It called for "Long Live the Belarusian People’s Republic".

In the former episcopal palace, including Church of Our Lady, adopted first charters BNR. For tour participants BPF member Franak Vyachorka read his text. Specifically, here, according to historian Paul Dyusekava, begins the path to independence of Belarus.
Later beheld the building where the meetings of the Belarusian Popular consulate headed by Roman Skirmunt. And over excursion Valadarski Street, 9 where was adopted Third charters BNR.

The house, which met BNR Rada
Text read letters present Franak Vyachorka. He porazdaval commemorative postcards depicting buildings.
Member excursions Boris shared his impressions:
"Very good would it be to have returned home on modern Valadarski Street, which adopted the third charters. Especially since, that in the 1990s years wasand made a very lovely plaque, to be had to be installed on the building. And to This time the government does not allow it. A need to read his story. A sign is, it is stored, for sure, the Belarusian Popular Front. "
According Franak Vyachorka, tourist agencies, unfortunately, do not offer such excursions:

Building on the street. Volodarskogo 9 where he wasadopted a third charters BNR Tags:, BPF, Minsk, BNR

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