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As told "frontman" team, he’s a correspondent of the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus" Evgeny Voloshin, feature a new project that all members of the group or workshop, or an amateur boxing involved. Trumpeter, guitarists, drummer — all "waving fists "with knowledge of the case. Whatever states of Belarusian boxers and even in the music scene so far hardly anyone had heard or beheld.
"Jab Club" launches an attack
In general, his group also received the title of boxing lexicon. "Jab" — with his left hand forward, which is used for "gluing" the attack. It as they say, corporate identity Wladimir Klitschko.
But it is clear that the subtext of boxing — not the main award of the team. It clarifies Evgeny Voloshin, itself for itself this project is international. Drums plays Ashley Ball, black British drummer. Also, of course, a boxer. Drums, by the way, were recorded separately in London:
"Fact, the producer group — Alexander Semeniuk (Fight the nickname "Panda") lives in Minsk then, in London, promoting our project and there, and there. Because really drums recorded in London, other instruments recorded in Minsk. Guitar in the song "Street Smoke" I play. Vitaly helps Gurkov, a favorite in the world of Thai boxing, he is also a musician. Trumpet playing recognizable jazz trumpeter Belarusian Vladimir Semeniuk. Generally help many people, but totally all related fighter’s entertainment industry. "
Reporter: "You can read it for the song" Jab Club "debut?"
"Yes, in this part of the debut. This first composition project. Approaching a few more songs, they’re almost ready and soon they also can be hear. And in general it is the first in such a project. "
Lyrics for the song "Street Smoke" already written quite recognizable young poet Gleb Lobodenko. As Evgeny Voloshin, Gleb works in "Komsomolskaya Pravda". So Makar, Lobodenko wrote poems, Voloshin — music arrangement engaged Alexander Semeniuk.
Belarusian language as a "chip"
Interested in Eugene: Will saved style "Streets of smoke" in the composition, which should make the album?

Coupled with the fact the Belarusian language — this is the trick, the price of which is there to "check out" and you can pick your own rating

"We are experimenting. For example, this song is more in the style of such a free, modern reggae. Subsequent songs are completely different, but all will be" alive ".
Reporter: "And what about the language? I mean, what language is" working "?
"The bulk of the songs will be in the Belarusian language. This modern Belarusian-language project. Since I listen Belarusian-language songs and they are almost all in the rock style, not a little real. Maybe even the time these songs had already expired. But we have no one sings in a prestigious directions in the Belarusian language and I believe we first started. ‘Cause will experiment, to sing songs in a European way. It’s a kind of music that is currently fashionable in Europe. But, of course, some will use its own specific Belarus . "
Evgeny Voloshin clarifies that "Jab Club" will try "abelarusits" fashionable European music, as once it mattersDoes "Pesnyary". Although the glory of the classics not infringe one of the "Pesniary" Valery Dayneko, listening composition, experience has approved and recommended to continue to remain on the "Belarusian wave."
Like other members of the group reacted to the Belarusian-language repertoire? Evgeny Voloshin said that whiteRussian language — this is what can bring collective real popularity:
"Very well treated, is a good move, as this" feature. "In this style, for example, have already been Russian, Ukrainian groups that benefited from great popularity. Belarusian But was not. Coupled with the fact the Belarusian language — this is the trick , the price of which is there to "check out" and you can pick your own rating, I believe. "

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