Mogilev about the hunger strike as a means of political struggle

Lady: "Depending on what she will. Question will direct attention to it or descend all the brakes. We all descend on the brakes — this was not a no. "
Man: "I do not think so. I think such makarom manifest weakness. There are many methods. Need to try to find other ways out of the situation. All depends on the situation. "
Old lady: "I think not. This is the last. This is the person at risk own life . "
Reporter: "How do you need to Your views, protect the interests of when a person driven to despair? "
Lady: "I do not know how, but hunger — I think not."
Man: "I do not think that effective. Although in some cases it can be effective. Suppose, as in the nineties in Russia miners on Red Square, or where there in Moscow, hunger strike. They there seems to have gained something."
Woman: "Depending on the views of any. If this is the right thing to fight for what you need and no other way, then yes. And if you can not prove anything to anyone, and there is no sense in it, and you spoil yourself for health, because it is nonsense. "
Man: "From time to time since. When other methods do not work, why not declare a person for yourself such makarom? "
Lady: "No. You’re doing bad his own body, and not someone from the environment."
Reporter: "And how to protect their interests? Like what? "
Lady: "Just to defend its position, I think so. You all the same hear. Just promote your idea into society. "
Man: "If you go for justice, something to prove. When you do not hear, then surely whatever methods the way to reach its goal."
Lady: "You can, of course, you can. What do I get three thousand — it’s not a hunger strike? This is hunger. Enough for me just to the apartment. More on anything. Already forces no longer continue to live.’s Going to take a loan, but with my earnings denied me everywhere. "
Sovereign Incline age: "No. I am convinced that this is a bad thing. Their interests must be protected in other ways. Illegal to use the press, free. Well, other ways of agitation and propaganda series of thoughts and other criterion of life."

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