Mogilev, and Krychau Shklou plan in public to celebrate Freedom day

Now activists in Mogilev city coalition Democratic Forces "Our Mogilev" registered in the executive committee request for a rally and march.
According to the applicants, the bureaucrats should see the application within fifteen days. In the march and rally, which will be held March 23, perceive the role up to 100 people. The rally will take place in a certain place of the power of public events — on the forecourt of the Palace of Culture and Rest of Mogilev city executive committee.
In Krychau request for festive meeting in the local executive committee filed a group of people. It is planned that the rally will come about 30 people. Meeting in Freedom day applicants are going to spend in the city’s Victory Park on March 23.
In Shklou group of people are going to hold a rally on March 23 in the city park. Accordingly, the application is submitted to the executive committee yesterday. Applicants expect that to come to a meeting of 20 people.

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