Mogilev appears plaque Valentine Yermolovich

According to the managing department Oleg Djachkov board install on the house where he lived Ermolovich. With local authorities it agreed to back in Last year.
Members of the community have made a working group that is developing the layout and signage lettering on it. Activists need to collect about four thousand rubles a material for signage. Architect who personally knew Valentine Yermolovich, make the sign for free. Architect’s name has not yet called.
Valentin Ermolovich — brother Belarusian historian Mikola Yermolovich — theater activist, founder and managing director of amateur folk theater "Valentin." He is a veteran second World War I.
Ermolovich Valentin was one of the founders and chairman of the Mogilev organization "Martyrology of Belarus." Mogilev first spoke about repressed whiteRussian language.
Valentin Ermolovich lived 79 years. March 17 he would have turned 83.

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