Mogilev bus gone, the buses are not there

According to the Department of Transport and Communications Executive Committee until Jan. worked on urban routes 695 taxis. At the moment, their number decreased to 600 20 114 minibuses seventh Holder peraregistrovvayutstsa in private unitary enterprises.
The disappearance of the city’s taxi routes immediately felt by passengers for yourself. Large human crowds at bus stops, especially in the afternoon and evening, at the Department of Transport as he explained it:
"Transport is pretty. Only that part of the passengers used to travel to the shuttles."
According to him, at present on routes out more buses and trolley buses:
"The number of buses was 115, we increment to 100 30 second 102 trolleybuses worked, now 100 2nd In other words, we increment the number of public transport use," — said the department.
Are fifteen new units of public transport minibuses change quarter missing? On this question the answer is no.
How to evaluate the work of public transport Mogilev?
I went to Madame Stop. Public transport she was displeased.
Lady: "Poor, poor transportation as walks at all."
Reporter: "The disappearance of minibuses felt by passengers for yourself?"
Lady: "Yes, the passengers felt it. Very long standing at bus stops. Whereas previously they walked often, now extremely rare. I think, it must all return, as previously, to excellent walking bus ".
Second Mrs. also considers the work of public transport bad:

As used to — after 12 could to go on the bus, and now after 10 need loaf where to find her.

"When had a lot of minibuses have been better. Currently worse. I think that if urban transport, more precisely — any administration, council can not provide people without transport minibuses — then all the same, I think you must give scope minibuses. "
The young lady from time to time must sooner vorachivatsya home, so has been criticized for public transport:
"The fact that private entrepreneurs pasyhodili is bad. As used — after 12 could to go on the bus, and now after 10 need to think where to find it. "
And in the midst of the respondents was the inhabitant of Bobruisk. By him, Bobruisk 211 minibuses have only 40. Oh, so he appreciates the work of Bobruisk public transport:
"Might work better. Suppose bus fleets acquire more buses if the privates are not allowed to work."

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