Mogilev created by the organizing committee of the European Belarus

Support the company in the Mogilev region expressed in democratic circles Drybin, Bykhaw, Shklou, Klimovichi, Byalynichy, Krychau also urban coalition of democratic forces Mogilev and Bobruisk.
At the founding meeting of fifteen delegates chose the acting chairman of the regional organizing committee. They became the candidate of economic sciences Peter Migursky. Were elected as two of his deputies. Alexander Irkho organizing committee will engage in a question of ideology, and Nicholas Rasyuk, responsible for the work of the committee in Mogilev. Third Vice-elected later, it will be responsible for the work in Bobruisk.
At the meeting, was the initiator of the campaign "European Belarus" Statkevich. In his speech, he talked to him why first appealed for support to the coalition of democratic forces Mogilev — because there is no true Communists and pro-Russian favorites.
"The presence of pro-Russian forces in the coalition — mine slow action. Proeuropean political parties UCP and BPF uncomfortable in coalition to promote European values, because the Communists offended. Already oscillation appears as these pro-European party. After formed a bloc with the Communists, they essentially have forgotten European choice of Belarus and are not active in this direction. Even the thought of the "European march" was debatable. It spawned controversy around the goal — "Slide Belarusian people integration into the European Union. "main theme of the march was to perform the official Minsk 12 EU requirements. Why — I do not know" — said "Freedom" Statkevich.
Statkevich still hopes that the UCP and the BNF will return to the European way, because it is the desire of the overwhelming majority of their activists.
"The idea of European integration on its own essence positively perceived Belarusian voters, because it connects the freedom and sausage. Every Democratic candidate in their own program there must have item for European integration of Belarus", — says Nikolay Statkevich
Now, at a meeting of delegates began forms the list of candidates for the European elections in House of Representatives State Assembly. By Peter Migursky fifteen candidates already Mogilev currently ready to enter the European list.
Recall, there are two coalitions Mogilev Democratic Forces. Between them there is no consensus regarding the activities and form a single list candidates for deputies in House of Representatives.

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